video transcription: Shane Mosley

by Darren Nichols


video transcription: Shane Mosley

BT:  We got the Sugar Man, Sugar Shane Mosley here on BoxingTalk.  Shane, it looked at the press conference as if you wanted to have Oscar step aside, and you take on Floyd right now. " You know, I’m still in good shape.  I’m still ready to fight, ready to go.  This is a fight for  Oscar and Floyd.  It’s their time to see who’s a better fighter.  I  just had to hold my tounge, and just sit back and enjoy the show."

BT:  The fighter in you, I’m sure said, I wish this was my fight I wish I could just take him right now.

SM:  I believe that, and I believe that I could take Mayweather, but like I said it’s not my time. It’s not my show down.  It’s between Oscar and Floyd.  When that’s over with I can step forward and say let’s do it.

BT:  How do you see the fight playing out on May 5th?

SM:  I see the fight playing out pretty good.  I think that Floyd’s going to start off really great, but Oscar’s pretty quick.  He’s in great shape right now.  I know he’s training very hard, and I’ll probably be out there working with him, for a few rounds, helping him out as well.  I see Oscar getting him in the 7th or 8th round.  Figure him out, figure out his foot patterns, stuff like that.  And being able to bounce to him, get those shots off that he wants to get off.

BT:  How does someone deal with Floyd’s speed?

SM:  Floyd’s fast, but he’s not the fastest that Oscar has faced.  I was very fast when I fought  Oscar for 2000.  I’ve been in the ring with a few guys who sparred with Floyd and said I was faster than Floyd.  Two different guys told me this, even way back when, and now.  This guy I was sparring with, he’s a southpaw, he said I’m a little faster because my foot movements are faster than his. So I said okay, I didn’t ask him who was faster, he just came out and told me,”You’re faster than Floyd.”  So, that was interesting to me.  In that case, that means that Oscar is going to be right up there with Floyd, because I believe me and Oscar have a similar speed, and hand speed.

BT:  As far as you’re concerned in June are we looking at a Mosley-Baldomir fight?

SM:  I think that’s going to be he plan. Everybody else is tied up right now.  We’ll do that fight once they’re busy.  It doesn’t matter if Floyd wins or loses, just in case Floyd doesn’t retire right now I’ll be ready to step forward.

BT:  So you’ve got Floyd next after Oscar?

SM:  That seems to be the plan.

BT:  Very nice.  We do look forward to it