video transcription: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

By Darren Nichols


video transcription: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

BT:  We got Floyd Mayweather here on BoxingTalk.  Hey Floyd, what’s the idea for the chicken and De La Hoya? "Do you got that on BoxingTalk?  What’s up it’s your man, Pretty man, let me hold that mic.  Lifestyle flashy.  Get your Nextel phone.  This the police phone, chirp it’ll get your ass in jail.  Anyway, uh… uh,  I don’t  know man this fight it’s on PPV May 5th.  This is boxing who,  I’m sorry I been doin’  interviews all day today. Anyway, it’s your man, Pretty Boy Floyd, the real, natural, I feel tremendous. He’s supposed to have the mic, hold on. How you doin’? The guy behind the scenes."

BT:  Hey doin’ fabulous .  How do you see this fight going with De La Hoya on May 5th?

PBF:  Man, you know.  I be in the gym rocking hard every day, blood, sweat, and tears.  Toe to toe fight, great battle, Oscar- Pretty Boy.  I got to give you the interview, cuz we here, you done came all the way out here to do the interview.  I’m feeling good man.  And it’s going to be one hell of a fight.

BT:  Do you see that DLH’s power is going to affect you in any way?

PBF:  Actually my KO ratio is better than DLH’s.  In total he had 42 fights.  And out of 42 fights, he had 30 KO’s. And out of 37 fights , I had 24 KO’s.  So my KO ratio is better than Oscar’s.

BT:  Big revelation in your camp, with your dad back with you.  Is he going to be working your corner for the fight?

PBF:  Well we can’t say at this point.  I’m going to go home, probably tonight.  Me and my dad are going to have dinner, and probably play ping pong at my house, watch some boxing videos and just chill.

BT:  What do you think about DLH’s left hook?

PBF:  A one handed fighter has never been able beat Floyd Mayweather.  I’m a just go out there and be Floyd and do what I got to do.  He gotta worry about what I got, what I bring to the table.

BT:  Is there any way he can win this fight?

PBF:  Um, yes, not coming to the fight. That’s the only way he can win.

BT:  You know you have a lot of fans on BoxingTalk.  What would you  like to say to them in closing?

PBF:  To all my fans on, tune in.  Keep tuning in to, but also tune in to my website Hit my website and check it out.  We got H-Flo coming soon.  We just shot the video in Atlanta, and H-Flo about to get the crazy, crazy deal.  He’s in a bidding war right now, just hit the website. I feel tremendous.  BoxingTalk has always been behind Floyd Mayweather and is one of the best internet sites, boxing geeks, all that shit.  PBF the one and only.