video transcription: Floyd Mayweather

By G. Leon


video transcription: Floyd Mayweather

GL:, here with the undefeated, pound for pound Picasso, Floyd Mayweather Jr.  The best of the best, at the best hotel in the city, The Waldolf Astoria.  We're here to formally announce the May 5th mega-fight.  The Pretty boy and the Golden Boy, we've been waiting for it for a long time.  Tell us about it, Flashy and Flamboyant. "The World Awaits the May 5th fight between myself, Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy Osacr De La Hoya. It's the biggest fight in boxing history. What else can I say, except there's two great fighters going head to head on May 5th. I'm not going to be the same Floyd Mayweather, this is gonna be the best Mayweather ever.  Everyone is looking for me to top the Gatti performance.  That's kinda hard, but I'm going to go out there and try on May 5th."

GL:  Bert Sugar just asked you to give Oscar a tip, you pleaded with Oscar to let your father back in his corner.  Last time we spoke, you said that you feel he should have your father in his corner to make it competitive.  Without your daddy there, it wouldn't be competitive.  Can you reiterate for us why you feel that way?

PBF:  I feel that his chances are already slim and none.  With my daddy leaving, slim left town.  So, his chances is none.  Oscar really wants to leave this sport at the top of his game.  The only way he could do that is to go trough me.  He's done a lot for the sport of boxing.  He's a hell of a fighter, but all of his opponents have been hand picked.  My opponents wasn't hand picked.  I never cried and complained about who HBO, and who Bob Aram put in front of me.  I've proved myself.  I beat all the fighters that they put in front of me.  Thirty seven have tried and have stepped to the plate, and thirty seven have failed.  Come May 5th, thirty eight will try, and thiry eight will fail.   Because I know, I believe in me. Like I said before, I'm in this sport to be a legend, of course my services cost a big fee, but I'm in this sport to be a legend.  To go down with the greats, and I'm just going to put the offficial stamp on it May 5th.

GL:  Do you consider Oscar, based on his stature and his resume, the stiffest test of your career at this point?

PBF:  Absoutely.  Even if he wasn't, I would still say that he is, cuz it's about selling PPV.  It's about doing numbers, and I am a buisness man, but he is, and I'm not just saying that, he is.  There's nobody else I've faced before who won as many titles as he's won, but a lot of his opponents was hand picked.  He fought a lot of opponents that was a lot older.  He beat champions from from the 80's.  I've beat champions that's from the late 90's-2000's.   That's what I have sone.  It's no disrespect, I respect him as a man.  I don't respect his fight game, any fighter has to make me repect his fight game.  He has to make me respect it.  I don't respect what you've done with Pernell Whitiker.  I don't respect what you've done with Camacho.  I've sparred with legendary fighters.  I've sparred with the legendary Pernell Whitaker,  I've sparred with Frankie Randall.  I've sparred with the legends before when I was eighteen. That's the reason I'm where  I'm at today.  That's the reason why I'm so sharp.  I learned a lot from those guys.

GL:  From the moment this got signed, you've been saying toe to toe.  It's going to be chest to chest warfare, you're going to be rolling in the pocket, and just bringing the biz-nasty to him.  Is that still the case, or will you just utilize your boxing skills  to pot shot him to death?

PBF:  One thing I always say about me, there is no way to beat me, because people haven't found out how to put the puzzle together to beat me.  Can't nobody solve the puzzle.  With Oscar there's four ways you can beat him. Ther's our ways you can solve that puzzle, because we know he's been beat four times.  We already know you can go to his body, we know that.  We done seen him go down from body shots, we done seen him go down from chin shots, we done seen him knocked out, we done seen him hurt on different occasions.  We've seen him bleed in numerous fights.  We me you may see, out of 37 fights I had two bloody noses, a couple cuts from a couple head-butts, but no knock-down, never showed I was hurt.  I'm human. I get hit with a good shot, my body may twitch, because I'm human.  I'm not Superman.

GL:  Oscar's been making 54 for the last five years, plus this is your debut.  Are you biting off more than you can chew by fighting him in your 54 pound debut?

PBF:    I'm a throw-back fighter.  It's really not about your weight class, it's about your skills.  It's about who's smart.  It don't matter who's stronger, or who hit harder, or who's faster.  It's about who's smarter.  When I approached the Zab Judah fight, people was like, Zab Judah looks a lot faster than you.  I was using timimg with Zab Judah, so I don't approach every fight the same way.  And I won't approach this fight the same way.  He thinks I'm gonna run, I told him I'm gonna box.  He think I'ma box... he don't know what I'm gonna do.  And I'm not gonna tell him what I'm gonna do.   But believe me, May 5th I will be victorious.  My hand will be raised.  The crown will stay over here.

GL:  In the Zab Judah fight, you were hoping to get the knock-out, you told me after the fight, you feel that, had the altercation not taken place in the 10th round, you would have gotten that knock-out?

PBF:  When I was doing the Zab Judah, fight the pressure was on.   I know when I can get a guy out, when I can stop a guy.  The pressure was on, but I took my time, I kept my composure.  Zab Judah is a hell of a fighter.

GL:  And Baldomir you wanted to knock out, but your hands gave out, where I was going with the question was, since you were unable to achieve the knockouts your were looking for in the your previous two fights, are you going to all out to make sure it doesn't go all twelve?

PBF:  Absolutely. 

GL:  You also touched on Floyd Mayweather being a smart fighter, I imagine he's a smart fighter who knows ODLH's left hook is his primary weapon.

PBF:  I'm not really worried abot ODLH's left hook.  When ODLH threw his left hook did he knock out Camacho?  When hr threw his let hook did he knock out Pernell Whitaker?  Did he knock out Trinidad?  There's a thousand of them out there.  

GL:  Does that mean that you don't think his left hook is all it's cracked up to be?

PBF:  Oscar is straight up and down all special effects, and Floyd Mayweather is Mayweather.  He has to fight my fight, I don't have to fight his fight.

GL:  That's what's good.  Floyd, I appreciate your time.  We're going to cut this short the press conference is about to kick off.  Can you give us some closing thoughts for the BoxingTalk fans?

PBF: tune in to That's our website.  H-Flow they shot the video, that's coming out soon. May 5th The World Awaits is the biggest fight in boxing history.  You must buy it, because it's the Golden Boy vs. the Pretty Boy.  And everybody wants to see this fight. It's a part of history.  Tune in, because I want you guys to be a part of history.