Zab Judah breaks his silence ONLY ON BOXINGTALK!

By G. Leon


Zab Judah breaks his silence ONLY ON BOXINGTALK!

"I'm going to do Floyd like I did Chop-Chop, when I see him at a press conference I'm just going to punch him in the face in front of everyone there and then he ain't going to have no choice but to fight me!"

GL: Long time no speak Superman. What's popping with you brother? What's the deal with October 29? "I'm just getting fed up with this boxing game. It disgusts me. With my next fight, I guess they weren't able to to get a venue deal with enough time to make it happen so I don't even know when my next fight is right now yo. But I'm just fed up because the pound for pound pussy of boxing is trying to fool the public. Tell that little faggot he's not bred from the same cloth I am. I promise you that. Put this on the record, tell that little bitch whenever I see him I'm going to force him into a fight. All he has to do is ask Chop Chop how I make that happen...When I see him at a press conference I'm just going to punch him in the face in front of everyone there and then he ain't going to have no choice but to fight me. MUST READ INTERVIEW...WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

"Right now just talking to you is getting me hyped and I'm on my way to blockbuster with my wife just trying to have a quiet evening and you're calling me to talk about the pound for pound bitch of boxing."

GL: I was actually calling you to see what the latest is. Last we heard you were fighting Baldomir on October 29. But then when there was no presser to announce so it most figured it wasn't happening.You've been pretty quiet lately though Zab and the fans want to know what's good with the undisputed welterweight champion of the world.

Zab Judah: "Everybody been calling around trying to get me to do an interview, but I'm so disgusted with boxing that I'm pretty much telling everyone to leave me the fuck alone. The shit on October 29 fell apart because there was no deal with the venue so I don't know what's next yo. I'm trying to fight these guys but Mosley and De La Hoya and Tszyu and Ricky Hatton and everyone needs time to prepare and tune-ups and wants to negotiate this and talk about that. Man I'm about making it simple, I'll make this you make that sign the contract and get knocked flat, you know what I'm saying? Floyd's bitch ass wouldn't take $8M with 50-50 split on the PPV. (impersonating Floyd) No, no, I need more money. That pound for pound shit he's talking, he knows better than to put that dumb shit around me. I'm going to step to him and break his jaw in front of everybody. If he ever comes at me with that he's pound for pound the best I'm going to break his jaw on the spot I promise you that!

"How is he going to turn down $8M to fight Sharmba Mitchell? He's ain't nothing but a little bitch yo! He don't want to see me get these millions because I'm going to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'm going to erase him and terminate him. He would be a nobody by the time I got done with him!"

"I'm so disgusted with boxing but I'm not worried about it because I've got other shit going on. The Super Cartel is about to pop-off. We've got Desperado, Sinthoro and Young Geo so I want all the Boxingtalk fans to know that if they want to show their boy Super Judah some support be sure to pick up that Super Cartel album. Everyone who buys it through Boxingtalk is going to get their copy signed by me and the crew so keep your eyes open."


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