Zab Judah: The "American Gangsta" Speaks

By G. Leon


Zab Judah: The "American Gangsta" Speaks

Did Andre Berto call Zab Judah to cop a plea and make a liar out of G?

GL:  Superman, tell us about it, you've got a fight coming up in another couple of weeks. "It's going down, it's your boy, I'm back at it, Black Magic, baby."

GL:  Tell us what we can expect to see from you on the 17th, in Turks and Caicos?

ZJ:  On November 17th you can expect another Super Judah supershow, and I'm ready.  I'm feeling good, focused, I'm ready to take this title and put it in the bag. 

GL:  Let's get into some juicy shit.  Your home is BoxingTalk, and BoxingTalk is your home, and we know that the fights you want to make are Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Mayweather, the biggest names in boxing etc.,  but I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention that I spoke with Andre Berto, and your name came out of his mouth.  He basically said that he sees a fight between the two of you not lasting 12 rounds, not going the distance.  Is there anything you'd like to say in response to Mr. Berto?

ZJ:  Andre and I had a conversation the other day, he called me on the phone.  He told me there were a lot of things that were going to be said, and that he hasn't participated in any extra activities in what was said.  I respect the young fighter, and that's what it is.

GL:  If Mr. Berto tried to retract anything that he said, I can assure you that it it was printed on BoxingTalk as it was said, accurately.  Did he say anything contrary to what was in the interview on BoxingTalk, or would you rather not comment?

ZJ:  He told me he didn't say what was written.  He said those weren't his words, so that's it.

GL:  We're going to have to call up Mr. Berto, and see what he has to say, and why he's changing his story. 

ZJ:  That's not even a conversation I care to have.

GL:  Tell us why.

ZJ:  Those guys are up and coming, they have to get out there.  Before you make it to a Zab Judah, or a Mayweather, you have to do that.  I've got victories under my belt, and I'm about to go for another championship.  This is not just for Andre Berto, but to any young fighters coming up today, respect the game and don't jump out of turn.  Don't jump out of pocket and yell out the wrong name. 

GL:  Does it insult you?  Do you feel bothered that Andre Berto...

ZJ:  No, it doesn't bother me, because that's what a young fighter is supposed to do.  They're supposed to look to get to where we're at.  I respect that they're doing that, but there are times where you have to watch what you say and do.  I can't speak for everyone, but I take things kind of personally.  Yes, we are in boxing, the greatest sport in America, but I'm a violent person.  When I run into someone who was calling me out and calling me names, I don't know what I might do.  Before we even go there, know if you're ready to jump that hurdle, or leave it alone until you're ready.

GL:  Obviously you don't feel they're ready yet, so let's move on.  Is your fight on November 17th going the distance?

ZJ:  I think it's going the distance.  This fight is another step for me, I'm going up to 154. 

GL:  You're coming back down to 147 after this, right?

ZJ:  Yes, it's going to be a one night stand.  I'm letting something solidify itself, and make itself available to me, something big.  We're talking about me, and the biggest names of boxing.  I'm not talking about anything less than 5 million dollars.  If you want to get it popping, let's get it popping.  All you little kids, stay home.  My money's right, man.

GL:  That's what I like to hear.  In other words, unless they have some credentials and a resume, they shouldn't mention your name if they want to get taken seriously.

ZJ:  That's it.  Unless you're Mayweather or De La Hoya, or you're a re-match with Cotto,  or Mosley, don't call my name, because when I see you it's going to be ugly.  I promise you that, you better ask about me. 

GL:  Give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

ZJ:  I know we're not in the penitentary?, or anything like that, but when I was in the pen, I learned that if you let one man punk you out of the gate, everyone's going to try to punk you.  I think that all these guys out there saying they want to fight Zab, need to think about that.  I'm going to say it one more time, if you say something about me, you'd better be ready to see me, wherever you see me.  BoxingTalk is the truth.


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