Zab Judah: "If Kermit Cintron fights me, I promise you'll be seeing him crying in the ring again!"

By G. Leon


Zab Judah: "If Kermit Cintron fights me, I promise you'll be seeing him crying in the ring again!"

GL: What can we expect to see from Super Judah on September 7? "Explosion. It's like this, you're boy is focused, I'm back, I'm training harder than ever and on September 7 Vazquez, whatever his name is, I don't even need to know his name, all I need to know and all he needs to know is that he's getting knocked out and he's going to be my next poster. After I get through with this chump, I want to fight whoever wants it, I'm coming for Cotto, Mosley all of them. They're going to have to see me."

GL: How many rounds do you expect to put in on September 7?

Zab Judah: "The way I'm feeling, this guy is only going to be in there as long as I want him to be. I'm not getting paid by the hour you know what I'm saying, you I'm going to be looking to make it short and sweet so I can get right back in the gym and get ready for whoever the next victim is going to be."

GL: You just mentioned a couple of marquee names, have you prepared for this fight as though you were fighting a Mosley or getting the rematch with Cotto or Mayweather?

ZJ: "Of course. It's a new Zab Judah, no matter how many times they try to write me off or count me out they ain't never getting rid of me. I'm here and I'm going to show these chumps that a focused Zab Judah, who is keeping himself sharp by staying in the ring is unbeatable at 147 pounds."

GL: There have been rumblings of a fight with Margarito, what can you tell us about that?

ZJ: "I've heard something like that, but ain't nothing set yet. I'll fight any of them guys. Everybody knows I'm all about fighting the best and ain't nothing changed G. If it ain't Margarito and Paul Williams wants to surrender his belt, I'll punish him. If Kermit Cintron wants to give me my IBF belt, I'll show him why he should have never mentioned my name on Boxingtalk, the dude ain't even in my category, but I'll knock him out real quick and take his belt. You'd definitely see Cintron crying in the ring again if he ever stepped up to the plate to fight me."

GL: It's no secret that you want rematches with both Mayweather and Cotto. In your opinion who do you have to beat to get there?

ZJ: "You can forget about Pretty Girl because I we all know Pretty Girl doesn't want to fight me again. He's soft so that's not even a possibility as far as I'm concerned you feel me. Cotto has the heart to fight me again and if he beats Shane Mosley and I win a big fight against a Margarito, a Cintron or a Williams, I don't see why he wouldn't want to fight me again. The rematch would be way, way bigger than the first fight if I get myself a belt and we're fighting to unify. Shit, even if Mosley beats Cotto, I still want to fight Cotto again. If I had a belt and he wanted to fight me for my title, I'd fight him again so I can show him what Zab Judah at his best would do to him. I ain't trying to make no excuses, I fought my best that next and he won the fight, but it's a fight that the people want to see again and I want to give it to them no matter what. If the fans never see that fight again, I won't be the reason why."

GL: Will this be your last fight of the year?

ZJ: "I'm not sure, I'd love to fight again in December and there's been some talks, but right now I'm focused on laying this chump out on September 7. After September 7 we'll have plenty to talk about G."

GL: That's what it is Superman. Give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

ZJ: "Keep it locked to my boy G. Leon and, the only place you're going to get it straight from Super Judah."


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