Zab Judah: "I'd do Manny Pacquiao the way he did Oscar De La Hoya!"

By G. Leon


Zab Judah: "I'd do Manny Pacquiao the way he did Oscar De La Hoya!"

GL: Alright Superman let's get to it. Can you give us some thoughts on Manny Pacquiao's performance over Oscar De La Hoya? "I was surprised he destroyed him that way. Oscar is a great fighter, he's bigger and he's been in there with much bigger guys like Bernard Hopkins so I was shocked that Pacquiao was able to put it on him like that. But it's like I said before the fight, I was rooting for Pacquiao because I want to give the fans the best fights out there and I know he'll fight me. A couple of weeks ago it was me and Ricky Hatton and don't get me wrong I'd still fight Ricky Hatton, but I think the fans want to see me fight Pacquiao the most right now."

GL: Where would you like the fight to take place at?

Zab Judah: "I'd like to fight him at 140, but if he's feeling comfortable at welterweight I ain't got no problem going back to welterweight to fight him. It doesn't matter what weight we fight, it's not to make a difference on the end result."

GL: And what end result would that be?

ZJ: "My hand being raised by the referee after he waves it off or counts to ten. Manny Pacquiao fights me he goes to sleep."

GL: What would you do that Oscar was unable to accomplish?

ZJ:" I would win. I wouldn't come in weighing the same that I weighed in at, and I'd use my boxing skills to put this guy in a position that made him feel very uncomfortable."

GL: Unless it's Mayweather do you really see Pacquiao testing his skills against a top African American fighter? Barrera, Morales, Marquez and De La Hoya are clearly his biggest wins, but none of them will ever get mistaken for Kassim Ouma. How do you feel about that?

ZJ: "I'm glad you asked that question G. Leon, because it's not about being racial but it's a fact that black fighters have different styles than Mexicans. I use more angles than the guys he's beaten, I use more head movement and I also know how to go in and out, I just don't come forward. Barrera tried to become a boxer, and that only worked against guys who couldn't box. Juan Manuel Marquez is a great boxer, but he's too slow for Pacquiao and by the time he gets used to his power, he's three rounds in the hole having to come back. Pacquiao fights me, I do to him what he did to Oscar."

GL: Meaning you stop him or he quits on his stool?

ZJ: "I'd put hands on him and lay him out, and if he refuses to go down Freddie Roach is going to have to save him."

GL: Square Ring CEO John Wirt tells me that he and Arum have already spoken about the fight. What do you know about their discussions?

ZJ:"I know we want the fight. I love doing business with Bob Arum and we think he wants the fight. We'll have to wait and see, but you know I'm ready. If they step up or run away, people are going to know about it on Boxingtalk."

GL: Closing thoughts?

ZJ: "Your boy is back, so stay tuned. I also want to shout out my brother Daniel Judah, who just had a big win in New York and now he's looking to mix it up with the big boys at light heavyweight, so watch out for him."


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