Zab Judah: "He ain't stronger than me and he's not on my level!"

By G. Leon


Zab Judah: "He ain't stronger than me and he's not on my level!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on how your fight with Ruben Galvan went down? "I was disappointed because I wanted to put on a great performance and get this guy out of there right away, but to be honest with you, tom that wasn't no fight you know what I'm saying. You saw what was about to happen to him, I was going to keep letting my hands go until I put him out of his misery. I wanted to get the knockout, but I'm going to apologize to all my fans who showed up and tuned in for opponent not really wanting to be in there with me. On June 9 we ain't going to have that problem you know what I'm saying, Miguel Cotto is a great fighter and I know he's coming to bring it, but I'm coming to show him that he ain't never been in there with someone like me in his life."

GL: During your post fight interview on ESPN where you viewed the replay I thought you were quite humble about the fact that the fight was ruled a no contest due to an accidental clash of heads that never took place. In fact it appeared to me that a right hook opened the cut, so why didn't you say more?

Zab Judah: "What was going off about it going to to solve? I mean, the head of the Mississippi commission said he was going to review the fight and I'm real confident he's going to see what you and everybody else saw so I ain't really sweating it because it's all about becoming the new WBA welterweight champion of the world on June 9. It's like I said I'm going to be the one on the float with my man Tito Trinidad and Fat Joe the next day, he's just going to be the one leaning back. That's not talking shit or trying to hype the fight, that's just what it is. He's going to be in trying his best to knock me out and he thinks he's stronger than me. This whole camp is to prove that he ain't stronger than me and he's not on my level."

GL: What does a victory over Cotto mean to you?

Zab Judah: "It means a lot because everybody considers him one of the best young fighters in the game today you know what I'm saying, and he is. It's just that they stepped him up to the wrong big boy a little to say. I'm telling you yo and I want the world to hear this, after my performance people are going to know the best welterweight in the world is your boy Super, ya heard.

GL: Is Cotto going the distance?

ZJ: (laughs) "Not if I can help it. The way I'm feeling right now is like this, there's a lot of people who think I'm not going to win this fight you know what I'm saying? I heard they did a poll on ESPN and like 65% of the voters said he was going to win and that shit is crazy to me yo, but on the real, on the real, it just motivates more to do him dirty and make an example out of him come June 9."

GL: In a recent conversation you told me that you were going to take a few days off after the Galvan fight before returning to the gym to prepare for Cotto. Since the fight ended so prematurely will you take an additional few days off to ensure that you don't peak a few days early?

ZJ: "Definitely. I'm probably going to take an extra couple days of rest because it ain't hard to tell that I trained harder for that fight. Like I said, that wasn't no fight because this dude ain't really want to be in there and I promise my fans I'm going to make it up to them and then some on June 9."

GL: We're going to wrap this one short, I look forward to having you on Boxingtalk in the coming weeks leading up to this fight. In the meantime is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

ZJ:" Tune in on June 9 to watch your boy Super become a two time welterweight champion. Keep it locked on Boxingtalk, the undisputed pound for pound king of boxing website where you're going to get the exclusive straight from your boy. We're going to be on the chats all that yo so keep your eyes open for it ya heard!"


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