You're a little out of line Homey!

By Ishe "Sugar Shay" Smith


You're a little out of line Homey!

You a little out of line homey, don’t let this right hand homey, put you out yo mind homey, just sell real estate homey. Kick your little lies; I will kick my real facts:  Okay whenever I get fired up I have to listen to a little Jay-Z to get me hyped, and the real Jigga fans will know where my opening line comes from.  With that being said here we go; first off I am happy and secure where I am at with my promoters (Golden Boy Promotions).  Their some of the most trustworthy people I have ever met, and the way they have treated me and my wife is unbelievable, I couldn’t be happier about the plans they have for me in the future, and I wouldn’t trade them in for any promoters in the world.  It’s one thing to say that you care about your fighters; it is a whole other thing to show it, Golden Boy Promotions show me everyday that they care for me as a fighter and a human being. 

It has been some very controversial decisions over the years in boxing; I won’t name any because most boxing fans already know what they are.  Sergio and I were involved in the best fight out of the whole season of the show, now during the course of the fight it went back and forth, I wasn’t deducted any points for a low blows, neither was Sergio, their were no rabbit punches thrown, as a matter of a fact there weren’t any points deducted or anything unsportsmanlike going on during the fight.  After the decision was announced they booed, why the hell would they boo for unsportsmanlike conduct when I did nothing unsportsmanlike after the fight in the ring?  The decision was announced, I looked around in state of shock and left out of the ring, so what your saying is that 300 plus people thought in their minds, “Oh my God, he should stayed in the ring, how unsportsmanlike, even though he doesn’t have to do an interview why did he leave,” and they all just started to boo, get the hell out of here!  Its not like I punched Sergio or I pushed him or vice versa, it was a normal setting after the fight, the decision was announced as a spilt, and I have never heard a crowd boo a decision over unsportsmanlike conduct when the man who won did win, so what your saying is instead of the crowd cheering the winner they booed me for unsportsmanlike conduct, that is total bologna, and if any boxing fan believes that, their crazy.  Your right Tarick they should of booed after the things I did, I grabbed the microphone and curse at them, then I jumped all over the ropes, then I kicked Sergio and threw his mouthpiece in his spit bucket, then I took my boxing trunks off and mooned everyone, and finally I told the crowd I am Rick James B$%tch; they should of booed after I did all of that because I was such a bad sport.  I never really talked to you in the losers Mansion, ask Jonathan Reid did I tell him I was robbed, if he says no he would be lying, ask Brent Cooper, or Juan, those are the only people I really talked to in that house.  We barely talked in the house man, so what are you talking about?


Its one thing I will not stand for and that is lies man, state the facts man.  I filed for arbitration with the California Athletic Commission in July 05, guess what Tarick, I went to Arbitration in August 05, a Arbitration that last six hours, (just want to say thanks to Keith and Jay) Then I waited for about 2 ½ months before I heard anything, the Commission was about to rule and all of a sudden they released me.  Now you tell me, did they release me because of complaining?  Because my attorneys asked for a release before we even went to arbitration, and they declined that option.

In order for someone to take your calls, doesn’t that person have to have your number?  How in the hell can you say I wont take any of your calls when you don’t even have my number?  You can post my digits on the internet that you have and I am very secure that whoever dials the digits will see that you don’t have my number, so what do you mean I am not taking your calls, how in the world can I take your calls when you don’t call me, because you don’t have my number.  You don’t know a damn thing about me to say I turn my back on anyone, who the hell are you?  I have known you what, all of about 1 year; I have talked to you how many times this year?  You act like you were my best friend or something, dog I am starting to wonder about you man, what is your motivation, because on the West Coast we call guys like you Captains; you say you are as real as they get, yea you are, REAL DUMB!

Why are you worrying about my career?  The only people that need to worry about my career is Golden Boy Promotions, you don’t have anything invested in me, and you know how T-Mobile has the circle of friends, News alert to Tarick Salmaci, in case you didn’t know, you are not in my circle of friends, so why wonder about my career? Dog I could be stranded on the highway, in between Las Vegas and Arizona, in the summer time, my A/C could be broke, I could be starving, and if you pulled over to help me I would tell you No Thanks, I would rather take my chances with the damn coyotes than have you help me man.


Wow, I have nothing against The Contender; I wish Peter the best, and Sergio the best.  It just wasn’t for me, but wasn’t it you who was calling me about 4 or 5 months ago telling me how did my case go and Peter needed a lot of help, wasn’t that you trying to pry information out of me regarding my case?  I am cool with Steve Forbes, he even helped me in the gym for my first fight back, and so what is your point?  We all say things out of emotion sometimes, do you know how long ago I made those comments about them, I was in the midst of an ongoing legal battle and I said a lot of things.  I already said that in a interview that maybe I said some bad things that I shouldn’t have said, but if you’re looking for me to pop out of a cake and sing I’m Sorry, So Sorry, you got another thing coming.

If I knew that it was going to be fan favorite voting process at the end of the season, why in the hell would I complain about a decision on television, I might be stupid at times, but I am not dumb?  Wasn’t  that you who said at the restaurant in LA after the rematch that you cheated on the fan favorite voting, was that you, it was also another contender but I will not mention his name because he is not in this.  Like I said in the beginning, I told you I was going to kick some real facts, I got a witness who heard you say that you cheated.  I knew you cheated when you were number 2 and Jimmy was 1, come on Tarick, out of all the guys in the house, you were number 2.  You think that is something to be brag about that you seen the uncut version and I haven’t?  That’s terrible, you know how hard it is for a fighter to live with their first a defeat, especially a controversial spilt decision, and the only thing I have to go by is a scaled down version that was heavily edited.  Wasn’t that you who said that Sergio was so hurt at the end of the fight and that Jeremy Williams jumped into the ring to lift Sergio up because he was scared he was going to stumble over, was that you who told me Jeremy told you that?  Maybe I did lose a close battle, I will never be able to truly know because I haven’t seen the fight, and the way the crowd booed and what I remember, I feel that I won.  The 5-0 decision will never be justified in my opinion, and being that I have never seen a tape, I will always complain, I can go on to have a story book career like Shane, Oscar, and B-Hop, and if I am blessed enough to make it to the hall of fame do you think the people are going to even count those 5 round fights.  If I finish my career with that only loss, I think the boxing historians will give me a pass, don’t you?  This whole debate could be cleared up by you, since you are man enough to put the post fight interview on boxingtalk, lets put the unedited fight on boxingtalk to.  Maybe then I can say you know what he was the better man that night, but until I see it for myself, I am not going to say that, and I know you don’t understand because you have already suffered several losses.  You say this is boxing, your right this is boxing, but every fighter gets to see if he lost or not, Winky has probably watched the tape with him and Jermain a thousand times, guess what Sherlock, I HAVENT SEEN MY FIGHT ONCE.


Should you have come back or deserve to come back, HELL NO.  Your fight with Juan was so boring.  I love Juan like a brother dog, but I am still kicking those real facts, he wasn’t ready at all for the competition in the next round so he bailed and I respect the youngster for that.  You on the other hand were way past your prime, you know what they called your fight after you left, THE WORST FIGHT OF THE SHOW, the only way you got in the top 2 of the fan favorite voting is because you cheated, and you know it.  If anyone deserve to come back it was Najai, he was the best out of all of you who had already lost, which is why I voted for him.  You’re like a steak, when you go to a restaurant you say, “I would like the Porterhouse well done,” and it comes back slightly burnt, dog you were cooked a little too long, BURNT and ASHEY, it was time for you to go, your past your prime homie. 

Come to my senses?  What?  Man I am with the best promotional company in the world, what the hell you are talking about, Golden Boy is slowly but surely taking over the boxing game, I came to my senses when I signed with Golden Boy earlier this year.  You have one thing right, I would have probably made more money with The Contender as of right now (I believe that my potential with Golden Boy is a lot greater in the future), and I would have probably fought more times than I have already, but like the bible says, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self,” Luke 9:25.  I wasn’t happy, and that should show something about my character because I didn’t stay for money, and a lot of people told me just to fight on the rematch card and then file for arbitration.  I didn’t agree with that and I told them I was moving forward with arbitration.  I got nothing to hide, I will put it out there; my minimum with The Contender was 50,000.00 dollars.  That’s a lot of money for a fighter, and that just a minimum, so I am not the typical athlete that all I care about is money, that was evident in me deciding to move forward with arbitration.  I wasn’t happy and happiness is everything to me.  My son just turned 5 yesterday and I have to read this crap, man oh man, I guess a tired journeyman club fighter had to get some publicity somehow, because this is what this is about.

I wouldn’t waste my computer screen watching that video, and I wouldn’t even tell Golden Boy to consider you as an opponent.  You’re a waste of my time man, I wouldn’t wont you to make any money from Golden Boy Promotions, and you got to be kidding me.  Call you for fight, lol lol lol lol lol lol, I just told me 5 year old son and he is laughing.  I will do one better for you, I need some extra work for sparring, I will fly you down here to Vegas when I am in Camp; you know how we take sweet little vacations with the wifey’s, well this trip is like one of those, it is all inclusive.  You don’t have to pay for nothing, everything is on me.  We can spar 3 rounds dog, it will air on boxingtalk via tape delay, I will bet you 5k to my 10k that you wouldn’t make it 3 rounds, now put your money where your mouth is, because I wouldn’t want to insult Eric Gomez by even mentioning you as an opponent for our next fight.

The last time I spoke with The Contender everything was fine, it was in February, I spoke to Jeff Wald about fighting on one of their cards because Alfonso Gomez fell out, did I call?  Well I can answer that, I did not call them, they called me and if we hated each other so much, they would have never called me.  I was going to take the fight but ironically my wife went into premature labor and gave birth to our second child and after that I signed with Golden Boy.  I have nothing at all against The Contender, I wish them the best.  My thoughts towards the Mora decision has nothing to do with them, it has everything to do with the judges and Mora himself, being that you never amounted to much of anything as a pro I wouldn’t expect you to understand about a fighter wanting to avenge his only CONTROVERSIAL loss.  Well that may be a little harsh, I really don’t care dog cause I don’t like you, “They Smile In Your Face, All The Time The Want To Take Your Place, The Backstabbers,” you know the song, that’s you homie, we’re like Kobe and Shaq, I will refer to you as “HIM” now, that is your new name. You broke rules that people who use to be friends don’t break, were we cool, YES, were we best friends, NO, did I share a lot personal conversations with you, NO.  So get over it man, I have moved on, I have moved on from you and you should do the same, no other boxers from the show do interviews about me, every time I turn around my name is in your mouth, guess how many times I talk about you, ummmm never!  Your like an EX girlfriend who is just like, “girl I have got to call him, I miss him so much,” man what is your problem?  Are you obsessed with me or something?  You like the way I shave my beard now or something?  You like the way I look in my trunks?  What is it man, cause I am starting to wonder CUZ, I am starting to wonder CUZ?  I type all my mailbags and stories myself, and this was no exception, I promise if I see another interview or story with my name on it from you, I will not even waste my time in replying.  YOUR CAREER IS OVER, GET OVER IT AND SELL YOUR HOMES BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY THING YOU’RE GOOD AT.

PS. After further review the fans didn’t boo unsportsmanlike conduct after the spilt decision is announced you idiot; they booed because they thought I won, and most of the people in the audience were employees of Burnett, your theory about them booing does not make any sense.  If anyone believed this excuse for people booing in the arena, I would be totally shocked.  If I was so bad in the ring, why didn’t they show it?  Everything else I did badly on the show was shown, so why not that?  I just went crazy in the ring after the fight like a damn psychopath; do you honestly think that any true boxing fans are going to believe that?  I should be talking about this fight with Verno Phillips and here I am spending a night talking about washed up HIM.  Verno You’re Next.


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