Yoel Judah sounds off!

By G. Leon


Yoel Judah sounds off!

GL: We all know about the big fight with Miguel Cotto on June 9, but first things first. Zab is fighting Ruben Galvan on April 13. What can we expect to see from Zab? "Everybody that fights Zab gets up for him, but that's why they call him Super. He had the suspension in Nevada and they tried to put us out of commission and other people tried to do the same, but you know only the strong survive. Ruben Galvan is just a testimony that we're going to run through the division one more time. All those 147 pounders out there, they know they got problems. They know they're just holding our belts, but I don't want to do that much talking we're doing ring action. When we get inside that ring with the new and improved, the more focused Zab Judah, you will see the difference."

GL: Is it possible that Zab could be focusing more on Cotto than he is Galvan, much like the situation with Baldomir and Mayweather?

Yoel Judah: "Look, all this conversation is on is Ruben Galvan. We're not even thinking about Miguel Cotto right now. People have been trying to mention him but he's something that we're going to deal with after this fight on the 13th. We're looking at this guy in front of us. Ruben is making certain comments that he's going to shock the world or whatever he's going to do. Everyone calls Zab the comeback kid, he takes his L's but he always comes back devastating and believe me he is going to be on top of this division one more time."

GL: How many rounds will Galvan last?

YJ: "He ain't going the distance. The new and improved, focused and patient Zab Judah, I don't see Ruben going the distance and I don't see a whole lot of guys last twelve rounds with Zab. We're always focused to go twelve, but with this new Zab I don't see it happening. I see him everyday in the gym and I watch what he's been doing to undefeated guys so I already know."

GL: I imagine you guys are going to be training non-stop for the next three months.

YJ: "Yeah. After the 13th we're just going to take a couple of days off and then get right back at it for June 9. For this fight Zab has already put in like 80 rounds of boxing and for Miguel Cotto he's going to have twice as many. It's not about how hard you hit or how big your punch is, it's about your technique and your discipline. If you ain't got the technique all you're going to do is swing and hit nothing but air. The return is going to be devastating. We're going to rule this division once again, whoever is sitting there on top of the division, we're looking to reunite the division. We want the undisputed title, so all you guys with a piece of the puzzle, we're coming for them and we're coming hard. They earned their belts I guess but they ain't been in there with the dog and Miguel Cotto, Kermit Cintron and Antonio Margarito are all going to see. Miguel Cotto thinks he can handle it and we're going to see if he can for arguements sake."

GL: Do you view the Cotto people wanting to fight Zab now as Team Cotto believing their charge is ready for a fighter like Zab or do you think they feel Zab isn't the same fighter he used to be?

YJ:" The only time a layoff like ours can hurt you is when you're not practicing your craft. Zab has been keeping himself in shape. We've been in the gym since we got suspended. We've been out the ring for a year but we train everyday. The most he walked around at was like 156. Zab is solid at this weight know and he's lightning fast. We're coming through to cut them down like tractor. We're coming with the techinque. Now you see me, now you don't."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

YJ: "Keep your eyes on the prize and the prize is Super Judah. You can't make champions, they're born and we will be back on top of the game in one minute."


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