Xcess Fighting Invades Southern California and Cyberspace

By Darren Nichols


Xcess Fighting Invades Southern California and Cyberspace

BoxingTalk:  Justin, introduce us to Xcess Fighting, and what you have planned for MMA fans.


Justin Jorgenson:  We’re looking at getting people aware of MMA and the vast amount of talent in the sport.  Our first event was on November 7th of last year.  We had a lot of support from the fans there and it springboard us to this March 15th fight coming up. The fans should be excited about our upcoming event because we will be highlighting the young talent of fighter that lack support now.


BoxingTalk:  The March 15th card is being offered on your website through pay-per-view.  What will MMA fans be able to see if they order the event?


Justin Jorgenson:  All the fights will be available online.  You will be able to watch on full screen, and even look at the November 7th card for free by going to our site, xcessfighting.com.  The March 15th event will be $4.95, and that will get you a bunch of fights.


BoxingTalk:  Who will be some of the fighters on the upcoming pay-per-view card?


Justin Jorgenson:  I have toured the Southwest, from LA to San Diego, from Phoenix to Vegas, and from Fresno up to San Francisco.  I personally got in the ring with a lot of these fighters to see which one I should to be a part of Xcess Fighting.  What I’m trying to do is test the level of skill these guys have so I can match these guys up perfectly.  That way I can put the best fighters in together.  I learned by hitting all the main MMA camps around the Southwest, that the talent is phenomenal.  We have an Olympic Gold Medalist and two Division I wrestlers fighting with us.  By being the matchmaker and promoter I get to see what these guys are all about.


BoxingTalk:  What do you feel will make Xcess Fighting stand out from other MMA promoters trying to make their mark in today’s fight market?


Justin Jorgenson:  We have a couple things lined up for the March 15th event.  We’re different because our compensation for the fighters is better.  This whole next card is for fighters who have four fights or less, but every one will get paid a flat fate of $1,000 flat, plus a percentage from the online pay-per-view.  It’s a two way street.  The fighters encourage friends and family to get the pay-per-view, and they get more money.


BoxingTalk:  If you go to your site Xcessfighting.com you can see Interactive MMA.  What does that mean for MMA fans coming to your site?


Justin Jorgenson:  It’s like fantasy football but for MMA.  It’s a contest where you can log on to the site, and get behind one of these fighters.  Since they’re not known yet, I’ve gone back to their training camps and spent 4-6 hours with each one interviewing the fighters, their coaches, trainers, and sparring partners.  By going on to our site, you can get a real feel of the intensity these fighters have, and pretty soon you can see it for free by clicking onto Inside Peek.  Someone might say, “Ok, I think Joe A will beat Joe B by choke."  They will get points associated with each pick, and you can see who is winning in real time.  We’re not offering $100 prizes to the winners, but prizes that are worth up to $20,000.  You will want to invest a little time to get that restored VW valued at $20,000 or the trip to Vegas that includes air fare, hotel, limo, and show tickets.


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