Wright Speaks On Losing Tito Fight: "Don King never really wanted to make it happen!"

By G. Leon


Wright Speaks On Losing Tito Fight: "Don King never really wanted to make it happen!"

GL: I understand that you changed your tune about fighting Felix Trinidad for the money Don King offered, but I also understand that as of now Winky Wright is no longer an option for Trinidad's next fight. Are you aware of all this? If so, can you give your thoughts on this potential major PPV event falling apart? "From day one all Don King wanted to do was play games. He knows he offered me $5M after the first Mosley fight, he knows offering me less after I beat Mosley was a slap in the face. I spent a lot of time thinking about and I said, okay, I'll take it because I know King is trying to lowball me because he doesn't want to me beat his boy. But it's cool Greg, Tito could fight somebody else, and so could I. If he wants to RUN and do some smaller fight that the boxing fans don't care about, cool. I'm still going to do my thing!"

"I made it here without Tito, I could continue to make good money without him. He's the fight I want the most but if it can't get done I have no problem moving on."

GL: How do you feel about changing your tune over their offer only to learn that you're out of the mix? Are you upset or disappointed? How do you feel about this whole thing?

Winky Wright: "It's nothing but games they're playing. Don King likes to play games. He knows I want to fight Tito but if he could pay Tito $10M for fighting one of them no name fighters he got, good for him.  Only in America baby!"

"I'm the real big fight option for Tito and people know that, but now people are going to see that I was ready to do it for that little money that they offered just because I didn't want to let the chance to fight him pass me by. This is the fight that the fans want to see, I realize that and the Triniad's should too.

"But I guess Don King is their boss and he didn't want to make the fight in the first place if they're not taking it now. DK likes to make money so I don't know why he wouldn't like this fight.

GL Would have been ready in time for April 9?

WW: "I would have preferred something in May, but if they needed me to be ready by April 9 it could have gotten done with no problem. 

"It's cool though Greg, I'll just get ready to fight (Javier) Castillejo and defend my title. If it takes me making whatever, then that's what it is. I'll just stay here at junior middleweight and rule this division.

GL: Castillejo is the mandatory in the WBC. Travis Simms is your WBA mandatory. He's expressed interest in fighting you on Boxingtalk.com recently...

WW: (cutting in) "Travis who? I ain't never heard of him, I ain't never seen him fight so why would I want to fight him? I don't even know who your man is."

GL: Are you being promoted by Gary Shaw or are you still a promotional free agent?

WW: "Gary Shaw is a really good friend of ours but he's not my promoter. I'm a promotional free agent and I believe I only have a short amount of time left on my management deal, but other than that I'm a free agent."




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