Wladimir Coward: The only place he wants to become #1 contender is in court!

By G. Leon


Wladimir Coward: The only place he wants to become #1 contender is in court!

Without question, former WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko is one of the most physically talented heavyweight specimens to ever step foot into a boxing ring. In 2000, he posted solid wins over current IBF heavyweight champion Chris Byrd as well as WBC interim heavyweight title challenger Monte Barrett. After he avenged Big Brother's loss to Byrd, Wladimir toured the has been circuit (Derrick Jefferson, Charles Shufford, Ray Mercer and Botha and all of those) for a minute before defeating Jameel McCline in December 2002. Unfortunately for Klitschko and HBO, the McCline fight-which was a dreck-is Wladimir's last solid win of any significance. It's also quite strange to me that HBO didn't think Chris Byrd-Wladimir Klitschko was worth televising immediately after Byrd's victory over Big Brother Vitali. Sadly, but not surprisingly, once Wladimir defeated Byrd and decided to hit up the has been circuit, HBO started building his legend one mismatch at a time.

If you feel my headline was a bit over the top allow me to explain.

Wladimir Klitschko sues the IBF to become the mandatory challenger.

DaVarryl Williamson,  whom the IBF deemed mandatory to Chris Byrd, is another contender considered by many as someone that hasn't done enough to warrant a title shot at the longest regining heavyweight champion in the world.

Much to his credit, Williamson was willing to suspend his mandatory ranking and title shot, to face Wladimir Klitschko. "All we had to was fight and the judge wouldn't have had to make a decision," stated Williamson in a recent Boxingtalk.com interview.

Rather than negotiate the Williamson rematch as an eliminator to get to Byrd, Klitschko and his handlers chose to wait for Judge Martini's decision.

After Martini's ruling upheld the IBF's decision to name Williamson mandatory challenger, one would expect that Wladimir Klitschko wouldn't let another opportunity to become the IBF's mandatory challenger slip through his fingers. Right? Wrong!

Last week the IBF ordered Teams Wladimir Klitschko and Samuel Peter to commence negotiations for an eliminator that would make the winner mandatory challenger to the IBF heavyweight champion.  Ivaylo Gotsev, Peter's manager has already informed Boxingtalk that Team Klitschko is avoiding the fight. "This is the first time in the history of boxing that a 6'8 heavyweight is hiding behind a wimp like Shelly Finkel," barked Gotsev.

Rumors were circulating that Peter isn't willing to face Klitschko in Germany, however, Peter's manager  told Boxingtalk.com that was categorically untrue. "We'd rather fight him here at Madison Square Garden or somewhere in America on September 24, but we're ready to fight this guy anywhere on the planet. We're not the ones trying to find a way out of this fight they are."

Boxingtalk also understands that Main Events is petitioning to the IBF requesting that they reconsider ranking Calvin Brock above Samuel Peter in a futile attempt to make the probable Wladimir-Calvin Brock fight an eliminator for the IBF's #1 ranking. 

Main Events attorney Patrick English had "no comment" when we contacted him for confirmation.

I have a couple of ideas about what's been going on at the World Domination Klitschko control Room.

"Pursuant to our world domination theory, I choose Calvin Brock, at least he won't ask for 50% like Peter or Williamson. You see this button? I push that to fight, I mean sue for mandatory position. Right now is out of order.. Zee (The) red button, in case of emergency that's Shelly Finkel's pipeline to Main Events just in case Vitali or I need Calvin Brock fight. And zee (the) one with a lightning bolt on it? Directly from Klitschko control room we are able to send 10,000 (ten zousand) volts of electricity through Ross Greenburg's chair at HBO offices. See, now we don't have to travel to New York City to lay our SLAP SLAP down."

All jokes aside, here's the million dollar question.

Why is a courtroom the only place Wladimir Klitschko is willing to earn his title shot?

Why isn't he willing to earn his right by fighting in the ring?

Could it be because he's a coward?

It might be a bit premature to go that far. However, it's crystal clear Wladimir's actions make it very difficult for any of us to think otherwise.

How much longer will HBO stand by this man? Hmmm...that's another good question.


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