Witter: When I land flush its lights out


Witter: When I land flush its lights out

Press Release: The BBC filmed an exclusive trailer on Wednesday to promote Junior Witter's European light welterweight title defence against Poland's Krzysztof Bienias on the Hennessy Sports November 12th 'Born To Do It' promotion at the Wembley Conference Centre. 

Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Centre was the location. Junior's punch power was the theme.

"I don't want to reveal too much to ruin the surprise," said Junior. "But let's just say that the trailer proves I am the hardest hitting 140 pounder in the world.

"When I land flush its lights out, whoever is on the receiving end.

"That goes for both domestic fighters and my rivals across the pond, including Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather.

"My power is the most underestimated facet of my game. People need to start recognising.

"Since I lost on points to Zab Judah in 2000 for the IBF title - a fight I took on seven days notice - I have boxed 14 times.

"I have knocked my opponent out on every occasion, in the process winning British, Commonwealth and European titles."

The next operator with the misfortune to be facing the wrath of Junior Witter in 8oz gloves is Krzysztof Bienias. 

"Bienias is going the same way as the last fourteen," predicted Junior. "Unfortunately for him it's all going to go down on National TV.

"The whole of Britain has the chance to watch me take me the next step to the top, where I am going to fly the flag for them.

"Hopefully a few million will be tuning in, particularly after seeing the trailer this Saturday and Sunday on BBC Grandstand.

"It will be an excellent watch; explosive but comical.

"I am delighted that the BBC have recognised my talent and got behind me and my promoter Hennessy Sports in this way."

'Born To Do It' takes place at the Wembley Conference Centre on Friday November 12th. The headline contest sees Junior Witter defend his European light welterweight title against Poland's Krzystof Bienias. A full bill is available at www.HennessySports.com. Tickets are available on 0870 060 0870.