Wish List for Pacquiao-Hatton Undercard

By Ryan Burton


Wish List for Pacquiao-Hatton Undercard

If the proposed fight between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao comes to fruition I hope Bob Arum and Richard Schaeffer read this article. Please do not subject us to the same type of undercard that you had for the Pacquiao versus De La Hoya Dream Match. You had three great prospects against total garbage opponents. If Floyd Mayweather doesn't come out of retirement this year then this is has a good chance to be the biggest fight of the year.

For both of your company's sake and the sake of boxing in general lets get a real undercard. If you are going to have three undercard fights go ahead and put one up and comer against a garbage opponent as a filler to save money for the next two undercard fights. There is plenty of money to go around as this fight should surpass 500,000 buys and could approach 1,000,000 ppv buys.. This doesn't take into account Manny's cut in the Phillipines or Ricky's massive cut out of the UK. If you take a conservative number of half a million then you have 25 million in pay per view revenue. Again that doesn't count the foreign money or even the gate money as this fight is certain to sell out in Las Vegas.

I would like to see Juan Manuel Lopez on the undercard of this fight. Match him up with Celestine Cabellero or Yurkiorkis Gamboa. Even with Gerry Penalosa, whom he almost fought on the Dream Match undercard, the fight would be competitive and get Juanma the step up in competition he needs before taking on any of the Marquez' or Vazquez' of the world. Any of those fights could be made for half a million or less and would be a lot better than his joke fight against Rocky Medina.

This next fight will be more expensive but again if you invest the money in the undercard, it will help create future blockbusters. Lets get Brit David Haye on the card against a step up opponent such as Sam Peter or Toney Thompson. Any of the midIevel contenders such as a Jameel McCline can be decent competition. Now Top Rank/Golden Boy wouldn't want to bring Don King into the mix so Peter is probably out even though that would be a great fight and really move Haye along in his career. For 3 million or less any of these three fights could be made. Having Hatton and Haye on the same card would bring in even more money from the UK. If Haye has an impressive win then everyone will be clamoring for him to fight one of the Klitschko brothers and he will have actually earned it.

So with this plan Golden Boy/Top Rank need to invest about 3.5 million dollars or less to promote some of its young stars. This type of card would rival a typical UFC event that has 3-4 good fights on a card. People will feel good about spending $50 on a pay per view and be more apt to do it in the future. There is plenty of money to go around. Pacquiao and Hatton will each make well over 10 million, the promoters will make plenty and of course the MGM Mirage group will be happy with its arena and casino full. Now invest some of that money in the undercard and ensure that your company has great future profits and young stars and that we have a reason to keep fights in venues such as the MGM or Mandalay Bay.