Winky Wright Offers Pavlik a career high payday to fight him in his backyard!

By G. Leon


Winky Wright Offers Pavlik a career high payday to fight him in his backyard!

GL: It's always a pleasure to get a call from one of best pound for pound fighters in the world, to what do I owe the honor? "I've got something to get off my chest and everyone already knows Boxingtalk is the place for all the exclusive on Winky Wright. We all know about all of the back and forth that we've been having with the Pavlik camp. Him and his trainer want to make the fight, but his father Bob won't let him, well I'm here to tell you that Winky Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions are going to be offering Kelly Pavlik more money than he made for both of his fights with Jermain Taylor and if that ain't enough we'd love to make the fight at the big arena in Cleveland., Ohio."

GL: What kind of money is more than he made for Taylor?

Winky Wright: "Let's put it like this, I know he ain't make no $4M and that's what we ready to give him for a fight in his backyard. How's he going to turn that down?"

GL: I don't think it would be him turning it down, it would be the Bobfather.

WW: "It's the biggest payday he's ever made, it's the fight that the fans want, I want it, HBO wants it, Pavlik wants it, Bob is the only problem and he needs to become a part of the solution by making the best doable fights."

GL: We'll keep it short, I'm sure there will be more to follow. Closing thoughts?

WW: "Keep it locked on Boxingtalk for all the latest. The only reason Arum doesn't want to make this fight is because he knows I beat his boy. I read your mailbag about the business side of it, but I think you're wrong because if Pavlik and his trainer really think they could beat me because I can't punch or this and that, beating me ain't going get them LESS money for these bullshit fights they trying to make."


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