Winky Wright: "Jermain Taylor needs to stop lying!"

By G. Leon


Winky Wright: "Jermain Taylor needs to stop lying!"

GL: What does 2007 have in store for Winky Wright? "Right now we're just chilling and waiting to see if Jermain (Taylor) is going to step up and stop running around telling people these lies.

Otherwise we'll just have to see what else is out there."

GL: You've made it clear that it will take 50-50 for this fight to happen. Is that still your position on the fight or have the Holiday's cheered you up a bit?

Winky Wright: "Nah it's still the same. 50-50 or there's no fight. No deal baby."

GL: Why Wink?

WW: "Why? Because that's what I want. If they could do the fight without me they could go ahead. But if I make up 50% of that fight I want my 50%."

GL: Even though some people feel the draw was a gift, some people look at that situaion and say, why you should get more when he's still the champion? Why should you get parity with the champion?

WW: "First of all I ain't fighting him for the belts. I don't even want the belts and that's why I want to do it 50-50."

GL: With or without a belt Jermain is still recognized as the middleweight champion regardless of how many in the press, including myself, feel you deserved the nod.

WW: "He's still the champ, but everybody who got the fighters ranked pound for pound, don't nobody have him ranked higher than me so don't nobody think he's better than me. I ain't trying to say I want more money because I'm ranked higher pound for pound, but they just need to be fair and 50-50 is as fair as it gets."

GL: In the past you told me that if you had it your way you would have been making a bigger fight than Ike Quartey, but that's what HBO wanted so that's what you gave them. If there isn't a Taylor rematch, will you continue to fight whoever HBO wants to see you fight the most?

WW: "I think so, but we'll see. All Jermain and them need to do is be fair, if not we'll just look over who the network wants to see us fight and work from there. I want to get back in there as soon as I can and I think people will see me back in early spring."

GL: What do you think about the Vargas-Mayorga fight and does the winner of that fight interest you?

WW: "It should be a fun fight to watch, and if that's a fight that the fans want to see we'll make it happen."

GL: I think the fans want to see you fight Jermain Taylor more than anything?

WW: "Okay then, so tell Jermain we could do it 50-50. Jermain is talking about one of the Contenders and then he's talking about Calzaghe, like he's going to get the majority of the money against Calzaghe. If Lou DiBella and them need to come down off their high horse, they could make the fight."

GL: Do you really think Lou DiBella is making a foolish decision by not offering you 50-50?

WW: "I do, I think they should be doing all they can to make the fight, but they're definitely not homie."

GL: Would you accept less than 50-50 if you were contractually guaranteed 60-40 for the third fight?

WW: "Nope because if we fight again ain't no way he's going to want a third fight after I whoop him again. I tell you what though, we could do this fight 50-50 and the winner can get 60-40 for the third fight. I know I'm going to win, but I'm going to get mine too."

GL: My man Wink, you know you're my dude so I'm not going to argue with you too much...on the record at least.

WW: "All they got to do is pay the piper."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

WW: "Keep your eyes open because even though I'm just laying in the cut, my next fight is going to be done before you know it."


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