Winky Wright: "I'm going to dominate Bernard Hopkins!"

By G. Leon


Winky Wright: "I'm going to dominate Bernard Hopkins!"

GL: I understand the Bernard Hopkins fight has been signed sealed and delivered, is that the case? If so, they did make you an offer you felt was fair, unlike the one you turned down for the Taylor rematch? "The fight is done and I'll put it like this, this was the best fight out there for me. Jermain Taylor didn't want to fight me and this is the next best thing for me. I'm excited about this fight and I'm going to be ready to do it."

GL: Are you biting off more than you could chew by moving up to 170?

Winky Wright: "Nope. I'm pretty sure that he's going to be the bigger guy, but so what. I know I'm the better fighter and I'm going to prove it on July 21."

GL: Do you consider Hopkins the most dangerous opponent of your career?

WW: "Based on what I see he's a crafty fighter and he does what it takes to win, but he hasn't fought Winky Wright yet."

GL: What are the chances that your days as a middleweight are over?

WW: "I'm just moving up to prove to people that I'm willing to fight the best of my era and I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. After I make my point, I'm going to come down to 160."

GL: Can you tell us why you feel that this fight between two tacticians is going to be exciting?

WW: "Because you've got two fighters that want to show that they're the best and two fighters that are known to win. Bernard is coming off of his win over Antonio Tarver. Bernard moved up and did it when a lot of people thought he couldn't do it. Me, everybody knows I"m coming to fight every time I step into the ring."

GL: Bernard isn't the kind of guy who will overwhelm you with output, can we expect to see you take the lead in this fight?

WW: "What you can do is know that Winky is coming to win and he's going to do whatever it takes to win. We can both do it all, it's going to come down to who wants it most. I don't take any fights I don't think I can win and this is another one of those. I'm coming up to 170 and I'm going to dominate Bernard Hopkins."

GL: You're going to dominate him?

WW: "You'll see. It'll be business as usual. I think he's a great fighter, but he's going to be face someone who takes what he does away from him. It's time to execute the exectioner."


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