Will Boxing Banker Brock Bankrupt Main Events?

By Michael Marley courtesy of Fightnightnews.com


Will Boxing Banker Brock Bankrupt Main Events?

Timing is everything and undefeated heavyweight contender Calvin Brock's timing regarding the expiration of his promotional contract could not be better. Word is that Brock's deal with Main Events runs out sometime this, week, perhaps on Thursday. 
The fighter from Charlotte, NC, was in Atlantic City to see Carlos Baldomir dish out a beating to Arutro Gatti. But it wasn't just a seaside holiday as Brock and his father, Calvance Brock, were to huddle with CEO Kathy Duva, VP Carl Moretti and legal eagle Patrick English, all of Main Events, about doing a new promotional deal.

The senior Brock confirmed by telephone that Team Brock's phone lines, emails and fax machines are humming with offers.

"We are talking to everybody," Brock said. "We want to move and to move quickly. We want to make a decision and go with it."

In the last two weeks, Main Events has looked like ragdoll Gatti did in the ninth and final round. Fernando Vargas looked like his expiration date has gone by when Sugar Shane Mosley used him like a heavy bag in Vegas and it appears that they can't turn Gatti's odometer back again. Losing those two live gate and TV magnets is a serious body blow for the New Jersey-based promoter and all that came after young prospect Joel Julio was defeated by Carlos Quintana on an HBO BAD date June 24.

That was the show from furnace-like Las Vegas when Brock pushed his pro record to 29-0 but did not dazzle anyone in beating Tiimur Ibragimov. After the bout, Brock expressed some disgust with matchmaker-VP Moretti saying he had warned that the styles would make for a dull evening. It was dull and steaming hot outside at Caesars Palace that night.

There were no immediate indications that Brock is dumping Main Events but you can be sure that other promoters have made and will make tempting offers. The Brocks are said to be leaning heavily on the sagacious and perspicacious advice of New York boxing guru Johnny Bos. Bos has been instrumental in helping Team Brock regarding opponents, sparring and many other matters.

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