Wilfrido Valdez Perez eager to challenge Cararez for WBO title, wants Calderon to step up!

By G. Leon


Wilfrido Valdez Perez eager to challenge Cararez for WBO title, wants Calderon to step up!

GL: You're the mandatory challenger to the WBO 108 pound champ and you're also ranked at 105. At what weight will your next fight take place at? "I'm seeing what my management comes back to me but I would love to fight Hugo Cararez for the WBO title at 108. He's a big hitter, he's a good fighter and he's the Ring Magazine champion, but I would love to bring both of those title back to my family in Columbia in 2007."

GL: What do you think about Cararez as a fighter and what would becoming WBO champ mean to you?

Wilfrido Perez: "I don't think nothing of him, I got my guns also. I'm not too well known here in America, but I want to let everyone know that if that fight comes off on February 9 like they're talking, that title is coming back to America with me."

GL: The lower weight classes get overlooked nowadays. How do you feel about the lack of attention given to the boxing's lightest warrior's?

WP: "There was a lot of excitement when Michael Carbajal and Chiquita Gonzalez were down here and I plan to bring that back. People are into knockouts and they like the heavyweights, but they don't realize that the little guys throw the most punches. They saw Cararez is the best at 108 and Calderon is the best at 105, I want to beat the both of them this year to show that I'm the best in both divisions."

GL: You haven't fought in America yet, is fighting over here in 2007 important to you?

WP: "My fights will be happening over here now and that's something that I'm really excited about. Boxing is America is very important to me and I want to challenge Cararez and Calderon in the United States."

GL: How do you think a fight with you and Ivan Calderon would play out?

WP: "Calderon is a good fighter, but I could beat him from all three distances and I would kick his ass and be able to do whatever I wanted with him. I would walk him down and be ready to bang him out, everybody knows he can't punch and I can so he could go in any round."

GL: When might we have an update as to when you're next fight will take place?

WP: "Right now we're waiting for my promoter Peter Rivera to get back to me, but it's like I said I'm looking forward to fighting for the title on February 9 so we'll see what happens."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

WP: "I want to thank Boxingtalk for this interview and I want to thank all of the boxing fans for supporting me, I plan on winning more than one world title this year, so look out for me."


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