Why are HBO and Showtime leaving the lightweight champion in limbo?

By G. Leon


Why are HBO and Showtime leaving the lightweight champion in limbo?

Joel Casamayor sounds off

GL: It's been a minute since we've had you on Boxingtalk. What's the latest and greatest with the lightweight champion of the world? "Everything is good, right now we've changed our plans a little bit and I'm not going to be taking any tune up fight later this month. I've decided to make my next fight a big one, now I just need one of these other chumps out there to want to challenge the real champion."

GL: You haven't fought since your October victory over Diego Corrales. Are you surprised the networks have virtually ignored you this long?

Joel Casamayor: "Nothing in boxing surprises me, but I know I should have been on HBO or Showtime again by now. My last fight came against Corrales, God rest his soul, and Diego received a date in April. The excuse Freitas and his people came up with was HBO didn't want the fight. I know the real reason was he didn't want the fight. I beat the man and now nobody wants to fight the best. I'm willing to beat the shit out of anybody at 135 or 140, just show me the money."

GL: Have you or your people been making ridiculous demands that have prevented any of these fights from taking place because I don't see why they wouldn't want to feature the best lightweight in the world, especially if you're willing to fight anybody?

JC: "I'm not out here saying one thing to you and then it's something else at the negotiating table. My promoter and my manager have been working for months to get these clowns in the ring. If they mean something make it 50-50 down the middle and I'll fight any of them anywhere. Manny Pacquiao wants to fight, I'll fight him in the Phillipines. Juan Diaz wants to fight, I'll bust his ass in Houston. Erik Morales wants to fight in Mexico, Los Angeles, Texas, no problem. If Hatton beats Castillo and he wants me to fight him in England, I'll be there. If Castillo wins you know I want another crack at him so it's whoever wants to get their ass kicked first."

GL: In previous discussions you've told me that your people would be willing to provide Bob Arum with future considerations for a fight with Morales and Don King future options should he deliver a Diaz fight. Is that still the case?

JC: "Absolutely."

GL: We'll keep this one short. I appreciate your time Joel is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JC: "Stay on Boxingtalk with my boy G.Leon if you want to know the truth about what's happening in boxing."


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