Whitfield Predicts Third Round KO Victory for Saturday

by Darren Nichols


Whitfield Predicts Third Round KO Victory for Saturday

"On Saturday night my power will be tremendous."

At 19-0 with 10 knockouts, people are starting to notice flyweight Rayonta “the Stingray” Whitfield.  Eight knockout victims haven’t made it past the fourth round with Whitfield.  Boxingtalk caught up with Whitfield to get his thoughts about his upcoming bout this Saturday in Tunica, Mississippi against Kevin Hudgins, 5-13. Whitfield tells us how preparation went for this fight and why he does not expect it to go past the third round.

Boxingtalk:  Rayonta, how did preparation go for your fight this Saturday?

Rayonta Whitfield:  Everything is going pretty good.  I’m in good shape.  I know every fight is a step up for me, and I train the same going into each fight.  I take nothing lightly.

BT:  What do you feel will be your biggest advantage coming into this fight?

Rayonta Whitfield:  I had a long amateur background and a lot of experience.  My opponent doesn’t have a lot of experience, and I’m undefeated going into this fight.

BT:  What do you know about your opponent, Kevin Hudgins?

Rayonta Whitfield:  I don’t know too much.

BT:  With your last two fights ending in knockout, are you planning on making it three in a row?

Rayonta Whitfield:  When I go into the fight, I go to get some rounds in, but if it ends quickly, then it ends quickly.

BT:  What kind of fight should fans expect to see from you on Saturday?

Rayonta Whitfield:  I’m an exciting fighter, but I can box, and move side to side if I have to.  They’re going to see me put on a great performance, because I’ll be fighting for the title soon.

BT:  If everything goes your way, this could be your 20th career win.  Who would you like to fight to prove that you are one to be reckoned with in the flyweight division?

Rayonta Whitfield:  I haven’t pinpointed my next opponent down to any one person, but I’m ready to take on anybody to take it to the next level.

BT:  Do you feel your power will be the deciding factor in this fight?

Rayonta Whitfield:  Yeah, I’m feeling very strong.  I’m coming off two knockout wins, and on Saturday night my power will be tremendous.

BT:  What is your prediction for this fight?

Rayonta Whitfield:  I predict I can get him out of there by the third.


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