While Impersonating G. Leon, Rahman Finds The Time To Sound Off!

By G. Leon Transcribed By J. Aguirre


While Impersonating G. Leon, Rahman Finds The Time To Sound Off!

Hasim Rahman:(holding mic and imitating G. Leon)Hey yo Rock what's popping? This is your boy Greg what's popping Rock?  Rahman:(answering himself)"Well ain't nothing. Just getting ready for Kali Meehan on the 13th. Ready to handle business and re-emerge myself as the best heavyweight on the planet. Doing everything proper." HR:(still holding mic imitating G. Leon) Well Rock, why should we expect that you're going to do anything different this fight. You always say that? "Well you right Greg I always say that but I don't always nessecarily mean that. I mean this Greg and to all my fans out there on Boxingtalk and all the haters ou there who wish me bad I'm telling you all that I'm going to destroy not only Meehan but every heavyweight that gets in front of me until I'm the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I can do it. I'm focused. I'm trained properly. I would flash you all but I don't want to scare Meehan off. If you all are looking at this interview after his and he feels as thought "yea I know I'm going to do it" but he thinks he's going to do it to me. It isn't going to happen. There's only going to be one undisputed. It's only going to be one undisputed. Not James Toney. It's not any other heavyweight. It's Rock. thee you go. You heard it here first. Right here on Boxingtalk. What else you got to say G leon?"

GL: Does Meehan have the advantage because he just fought and you haven't fought in a minute?

HR:"I just fought in July. I fought in June. I fought in March and I fought in April. So if anybody has the advantage I think I've been busier this year than he has. I think the Sept fight was an excellent fight for him. I think he built up his momentum. he got his courage up. He knows what it is to be in there with a world class heavyweight but he don't know what it is to be in there with a champ. He's going to be in there with a real champ on Nov 13th and I'm going to just take him to school and kncok him out. Give people something to get excited about."

GL: What if he goes the distance?

HR:(raising his fist)"When I let these go...nobody can go the distance. When I let them go. Can't nobody go the distance."

GL: Are you going to let them go though?

HR:"I got to let them go. When I let them go nobody goes the distance. When Ilet them go. So what I mean is I got to let it go.

GL: James Toney, your thoughts on his performance against Rydell Booker and him being re-injured.

HR:"I thought James Toney fought an ok fight. He looked good doing it but I felt like the power wasn't there. I felt that was somebody he should have knocked out in one or two or three rounds tops. But he went the distance and I wasn't as impressed. But then again if he did it with a torn bicep tendon or whatever what can you say. He still fought a good fight. But I still don't think James Toney can deal with a real heavyweight."

GL: So 2005 is the year of the Rock?

HR:"Absolutely man. I'm going to start it off a little in 2004. i'm going to get it popping a little bit in 04 and then it's a wrap. After I destroy Meehan and destroy whoever the winner of any title fight. I'm highly rated in all the organizations so it really don't matter. Whatever title they ant to pay me the most money for that's the one i'm going to grab. So Klitschko you aren't safe. You're not safe."

GL: Have anything you want to say in closing?

HR:"Why we got to close already.

GL: We don't have to close. Who's going to steal the show on Nov 13th?

HR:"Come on now. Come on. Your boy. Your boy's going to take it.

GL: Is there an unspoken competition between the heavyweights?

HR:" Listen to this. Listen to this. That's my show. You understand what I'm saying. I'm going to start it off and I'm going to raise the bar so high. So high that none of them is going to be able to compete. You heard it here first. So you all don't be late. I don't expect the fight to go too long."


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