WBO considering stripping Narvaez, Daniel Santos and Diego Corrales?

By G. Leon


WBO considering stripping Narvaez, Daniel Santos and Diego Corrales?

Earlier in the week Boxingtalk.com began hearing rumblings that the WBO is considering stripping three of their champion, 112 pound title holder Omar Narvaez, junior middleweight champions Daniel Santos and lightweight champion Diego Corrales. Narvaez allegedly failed to make his mandatory defense. Santos hasn't fought in well over a year and Corrales has a mandatory against Acelino Freitas coming up. Before forming our own opinion of the matter Boxingtalk reached out to WBO President Franciso "Paco" Valcarcel to hear what he had to say.

At first Paco sounded like he didn't have much to say, "We will discuss these situations at the convention."

How can Corrales possibly get stripped for making weight?

"Corrales made the weight and we were willing to sanction the fight when Castillo was over by three pounds. I don't know what happened between Bob Arum and Gary Shaw but the fight happened without any titles so we didn't have any jurisdiction over it. Now I've been hearing that Corrales would fight Castillo again at 138 pounds."

If the WBO was willing to sanction it at 138 last time, why not this time?

"That's something that we'd discuss at the convention. As one member of the championship committee I am not willing to give that opportunity again. And I know that Freitas wants to fight for the WBO title because his promoter Art Pelullo has already contacted the WBO about this."

Would the WBO grant Corrales an exception to fight Castillo at 138?

"I don't know I am not willing to render an exception, but as I said, I am just one member of the championship committee."

Valcarcel also informed Boxingtalk that Don King Productions and Universum are working on a bout between Dainel Santos WBO #1 contender Sergei Dzinziruk. If an agreement cannot be reached a purse-bid is expected to take place at the WBO convention, which kicks off in Vegas on October 24. Due to Santos and Narvaez's inactivity, the WBO may also order each champion to make "two mandatories" in a row.


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