WBC on verge of stripping Tarver

Another title about to be lost outside the ring


WBC on verge of stripping Tarver

By WBC President Jose Sulaiman

Friday, November 5, is the deadline for Antonio Tarver to decide, as far as the WBC is concerned, if he's going to sign the contract for the mandatory defense against official challenger Paul Briggs, or leave the green and gold WBC championship belt.  [Editor's note: Tarver will continue as Boxingtalk's #1 light heavyweight with or without the WBC belt.  He is likely to be stripped for fighting IBF champ and Boxingtalk #3 light heavyweight Glen Johnson instead of the WBC's preferred opponent, Paul Briggs, rated #4 by Boxingtalk].

There is a general concern and disappointment felt by the whole WBC Board of Governors, and many other boxing people, about Tarver's attitude. He became what he is because of the opportunities that were ruled and given to him by the WBC, and we cannot understand decisions like this. Neither can we understand how promoters and television companies do this, when everybody knew that the fight between Tarver and Briggs went to a purse offer openly during the general assembly of the last convention with all parties participating and accepting. This is like taking steps towards chaos and anarchy, as well as disrupting and interfering with the functions of an organization, especially a nonprofit organization.

Briggs won two elimination bouts ordered by the WBC. He's no rabbit pulled out of a hat, he earned his ranking and he earned his opportunity for the world title.


WBC Fight-Facts are intended to provide some facts and interesting information related to a particular fight. They are sent to WBC supervisors, the promoters of the show, and local boxing commissions, and are published on the WBC web page at wbcboxing.com.

Hasim Rahman - Kali Meehan
WBC Heavyweight Elimination Fight
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
November 13, 2004

Hasim Rahman is one of the best of the heavyweights who made history by knocking out Lennox Lewis, one of the greatest champions of all time, with one devastating punch in South Africa. Hasim's tremendous punching power and experience have him placed in the number 2 position in the rankings, and he is planning to regain the green and gold belt next year.

In the other corner, Kali Meehan beat the odds by performing brilliantly against champion Lamon Brewster. Even though he was a heavy underdog, many of those who watched the fight thought he beat Brewster.

This fight is an official elimination fight in a WBC heavyweight tournament that has found great interest around the world, as five boxers are contending to find the next official mandatory challenger to WBC champion Vitaly Klitschko.

Hasim Rahman (US) Ranked No. 2
Date of birth: November 7, 1972
Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland
Professional record: 39-5-1, 32 KOs
Guard: Orthodox
Height: 6'2''
Total rounds: 200
Championship fights: 4 (2-2-0)
Manager: Stan Hoffman
Promoter: Don King Productions

Kali Meehan (Australia) Ranked No. 5
Date of birth: March 9, 1970
Place of birth: Davenport, New Zealand
Professional record: 29-2-0, 23 KOs
Guard: Orthodox
Height: 6'5''
Total rounds: 128
Championship fights: 1 (0-1-0)
Manager: Ted Allen

WBC Heavyweight World Champions
1. Sonny Liston (US)
2. Muhammad Ali (US)
3. Joe Frazier (US)
4. George Foreman (US)
5. Muhammad Ali (US) *
6. Leon Spinks (US)
7. Ken Norton (US)
8. Larry Holmes (US)
9. Tim Witherspoon (US)
10. Pinklon Thomas (US)
11. Trevor Berbick (CAN)
12. Mike Tyson (US)
13. James Douglas (US)
14. Evander Holyfield (US)
15. Riddick Bowe (US)
16. Lennox Lewis (GB)
17. Oliver McCall (US)
18. Frank Bruno (GB)
19. Mike Tyson (US) *
20. Lennox Lewis (GB) *
21. Hasim Rahman (US)
22. Lennox Lewis (GB) *
23. Vitaly Klitschko (Ukraine)
(*Regained title)

Some of the most important WBC fights in New York state:

June 8, 1963     
Emile Griffith - Luis Manuel Rodriguez - Dec. 15, New York, welterwts.

Oct. 21, 1965    
Dick Tiger - Joey Giardello - Dec. 15, New York, middleweights.

Nov. 28, 1966   
Carlos Ortiz - Gabriel Elorde - KO 14, New York, lightweights.

April 17, 1967   
Nino Benvenuti - Emile Griffith - Dec. 15, New York, middleweights.

May 24, 1968    
Bob Foster - Dick Tiger - TKO 4, New York, light heavyweights.

Dec. 3, 1970     
Billy Backus - Jose Napoles - TKO 4, Syracuse, welterweights.

March 8, 1971   
Joe Frazier - Muhammad Ali - Dec. 15, New York, heavyweights.

Sept.. 28, 1976 
Muhammad Ali - Ken Norton - Dec. 15, New York, heavyweights.

July 8, 1979       
Alexis Arguello - Rafael Limon - TKO 11, New York, super featherweights.

March 29, 1981 
Ray Leonard - Larry Bonds - TKO 10, Syracuse, welterweights.

July 21, 1982     
Salvador Sanchez - Azumah Nelson - TKO 15, New York, featherweights.

Dec. 12, 1986   
Julio Cesar Chavez - Juan Laporte - Dec. 12, New York, super featherwts.

March 6, 1993   
Pernell Whitaker - James McGirt - Dec. 12, New York, welterweights.

July 18, 1998     
Roy Jones Jr. - Lou Del Valle - Dec. 12, New York, light heavyweights.

March 19, 1999 
Lennox Lewis - Evander Holyfield - Draw 12, New York, heavyweight.

Sept. 29, 2001  
Bernard Hopkins - Felix Trinidad - KO 12, New York, middleweights.

Jan. 26, 2002    
Vernon Forrest - Shane Mosley - Dec. 12, New York, welterweights.