Vivian Harris: 7 Reasons Why Kendall Holt doesn't want it!

By G. Leon


Vivian Harris: 7 Reasons Why Kendall Holt doesn't want it!

GL: Kenall Holt recently came on Boxingtalk and said that a fight with you is not one that he would turn down, in fact he said he thinks he'd knock you out. I'm sure you read the interview, can you give us some thoughts on his remarks? "First of all I saw the kid fight one time and I think he's a pretty good fighter but he doesn't know boxing. Right now I think he's basing me on the fight that I lost, but that's besides the point, right now I don't need to fight no Kendall Holt, but if he wants to get one of the belts or get up in the rankings. When he says he'd fight Vivian Harris you need to ask him if he's willing to fight me for whatever we offer or if he's trying to fight me to get money. All the stuff that he's saying is nothing and the thing about it is he saw me at the Manhattan Center at one of DiBella's fights and he gave me my props, but then he comes on the record. Whatever I say to Boxingtalk I would say in his face, if that's the way he felt he should have said it to my face."

"When you see me say that to my face and you never know what will come out of it. But don't say hello to me and then go behind my back and talk. Another thing you can't knock me out by running. I can take a punch and he's not going to be able to get away from my right hand. He can't get a fight with me right now because I gain nothing by fighting him and all he's looking for is a money fight. He's not really ready to fight for what promoter is going to offer him."

GL: When can we expect to see you back in the ring?

VH: "Right now my promoter is working on my next fight and whoever it is I will be ready for and ready to perform at my best before I become champion again."

GL: With Ricky Hatton back down at 140 is that the fight you want the most?

VH: "I know he's going to be fighting Urango and then if he wins he's going to fight Castillo and I definitely want to fight the winner of that fight big time, but I'm going to win all of my upcoming fights impressively so look out for me. But Kendall Holt doesn't want nothing to do with me. I'm going to give you five reasons why he can't beat me. 1. He can't beat me running. 2. He don't hit hard. 3. He hasn't taken the time to follow my career. 4. I could go a hard twelve rounds. 5. If he makes the fight big enough he gets knocked out, in any round...I still got more reasons, 6. My right hand will touch him because I will set him up for it just how I want to and 7. if he wants a payday all he has to do is ask for it."


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