Viloria is Ready to Become a Pound-for-Pounder

By Darren Nichols


Viloria is Ready to Become a Pound-for-Pounder

“Since I’ve won the championship it has opened a lot of doors, but to keep those doors open I have to keep working hard”

BoxingTalk:  Brian, how has winning the championship last September against Ortiz changed your life?

Brian Viloria:  There is a lot more attention on me and the weight division, and a lot of promise that’s out there for me.  Since I’ve won the championship it has opened a lot of doors, but to keep those doors open I have to keep working hard, and keep ending my fights like I had in my last one.  My next fight is just as important as the last one, and I’m not taking anything for granted.

BoxingTalk:  What’s been the greatest thing about being champion?

Brian Viloria:  There’s nothing great about being a champion.  Being a champion is a lot harder than trying to work for it.  Everyone is trying to knock you off that throne, so that they can take the belt away from you, and so that they can have that recognition.  I earn a lot more now. The purse is a lot more then fighting a tune up bout.  I can actually make fights the way I want them to. I can demand fights in places where I want to fight.  Those are the perks of becoming world champion.  Now, everybody has to listen to me.  I’m the man now.  I don’t have to go into the lion’s den and fight on somebody else’s terms.  I get to pretty much dictate where I want to fight.

BoxingTalk:  What do you think will be harder, getting to this point or defending your belt?

Brian Viloria:  It’s harder because every fight I’m in now I know my opponents are training their hearts out for it.  Their motivation is that they have an opportunity to knock you off your feet and make a name for themselves.

BoxingTalk:  How has training been going?

Brian Viloria:  Training is going awesome.  Freddie Roach has actually had to slow down because I’m a workhorse.  When I go into the gym I just work hard.  I go in there and do what I have to do.  Roach sometimes tells me to slow down because he thinks I’m going to peak too soon.  I’ve been working hard, I’m prepared, I’m ready, I feel sharp, now it’s just a matter of time.  I just have to wait until Saturday to showcase my talents.

BoxingTalk:  Your fight with Ortiz lasted less than a round, are you expecting the same quick result as with Ortiz?

Brian Viloria:  I didn’t even expect that to happen in the last fight.   I can’t expect it because if it doesn’t happen then I’m stuck.  I go in looking for a tough 12 round fight so that way I won’t be overconfident and dig a hole for myself.  I prepare myself in every fight like I’m going 12 rounds, and my fight against Ortiz that knockout punch just presented itself, and I took it. 

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel you are the hardest hitting fighter in your weight class?

Brian Viloria:  Everyone is saying so.  I know there are a lot of guys there who haven’t been able to showcase their talents, but as of now the way I’ve been knocking my opponents out, yes I pretty much am.  I’m willing to be the guy to have the stone.  I have power, I know I’m quick, I know I can move on my feet when I have to, and I have the ability to adapt to any style.

BoxingTalk:  What is your strategy facing Aguirre?

Brian Viloria:  My game plan is to be me.  Using my combinations and staying on my opponent, but my game plan doesn’t really matter until I step into the ring and I see what he shows me.  It’s like being at the poker table and reading the guys bluff or if not he takes me out.  I have a base game plan.  I know I have to use my power and my speed since I know I’m faster than him and then adapt to the fight as it progresses.  I don’t be want to be a one dimensional fighter.

BoxingTalk:  I know you say if a knockout comes then it comes, but knowing that Aguirre has been stopped in his past two fights, are you looking to impress the public by ending it quicker than his previous two opponents?

Brian Viloria:  It’s always important to look good in every fight.  It’s the reality of the weight division.  When I go into the ring and show a devastating knockout, then there is also more attention on me.  It’s not just good enough to win the fight anymore I have to look extraordinary and look devastating.  I know I have to go into every fight looking close to perfect.

BoxingTalk:  This is your first title defense of your WBC belt, are there more to come at 108?

Brian Viloria:  I think there are a few more, maybe a unification fight with Ivan Calderon, but I’m playing it by ear.

BoxingTalk:  As you begin defending your title, what would you want to be most remembered of your championship years when you’re done with boxing?

Brian Viloria:  That I kept my title for a long time and it’s exciting fight.  That I am another 108-pounder that should be in the Hall of Fame like Michael Carbajal, and being on the pound for pound list. Take it up another notch be the next Carbajal or the first Brian Viloria.

BoxingTalk:  What can we expect from you on the 18th?

Brian Viloria:  Expect a great fight.  Aguirre is going to try to take it to me.  He thinks this is his last hurrah, but I still see him as a threat.  I’ve prepared myself to bang it out with in there, going toe to toe if I have to in order to see who has more power and more speed


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