Video Transcription: Zab Judah

By G. Leon


Video Transcription: Zab Judah

"Miguel Cotto is going to sleep!"

GL:  Tell us about it Superman, June 9th, back at the Garden.  Are you going to show the fans at the Garden that it's Superman's house and not Cotto's on June 9th? "That's the game plan, that's what it is.  It's a written story.  There's not really a lot to talk about.  It's about just being there."  

GL:  This is how BoxingTalk gets the exclusives.  They've got Zab backstage signing like a million gloves in this room.  The whole room is filled with gloves for him to sign.  And we're here giving you the exclusive to keep him company. 

ZJ:  And everybody getting these gloves, I'm giving you a cheap autograph.

GL:  You're giving them good one's.  We don't want them to think they're getting cheap ones.  Is Cotto going the distance on June 9th? 

ZJ:  You see, this is a girl autograph, and this is a cheap autograph.  So when you get a cheap one, don't be mad at me.  Don't be mad, they gave me too many gloves at one time.

GL:  Is Cotto going the distance?

ZJ:  Miguel Cotto is going to sleep.  He's better off taking a dose of Nyquil before he gets in the ring.  He will be going to sleep that night.  I'm not playing.  I'm back.  They're paying me too much money to beat a little boy up.

GL:  Do you feel a little disrespected by them feeling confident with putting him in the ring with you at this stage of his career?  Early on, when you were both at 140, they seemed to want nothing to do with this fight.  Now they actually came to you to make happen.  Do you it look at that as a sign of disrespect, and are you going to show them how bad of a mistake they made on June 9th?

ZJ:  I feel like it's not them, it's God.  God says, "Zab Judah, it's your time.  I need you to shine.  And I'm going to give you a little boy to deal with." 

GL:  A little boy to deal with.  Are you going to be capable of coming into the ring as prepared as you need to be looking at your opponent as a little boy?

ZJ:  Definitely.  I need this, I want this, this is a chance to redeem myself. From my city, to show my state that I'm the greatest fighter on earth, pound for pound.  To show my fans all across the world that I'm the greatest.  Everybody's depending on me, everybody wants this.  Everybody knows, like I know, that this is an easy task.  All we've got do is go in there and work hard, and we'll do that. 

GL:   The last time that you fought at the Garden against Baldomir you fell victim to the wrong end of a razor thin decision.  Do you feel like redemption is necessary from that aspect as well?  The last time you fought here you lost.  Now will you turn the tables to get that taste out of your mouth?

ZJ:  I fell victim to that punk ass Don King.  You know what I'm saying.  I ain't got him in my car no more.  He can kick rocks, but I'm good. 

GL:  But do you feel that you need redemption that night at the Garden, regardless of if it was Don King or anybody else?

ZJ:  A hundred percent. 

GL:  So, that's bad news for Miguel Cotto?

ZJ:  Oh definitely.  I keep telling everybody that this fight is not about Miguel Cotto, it's about Zab Judah.  I'm very focused, I'm back, and I want this. 

GL:  Do you feel blessed to be in this position?  After the Baldomir fight we talked about how you were coming right back with Mayweather and a position to become a multi-million dollar fighter.  Here you are in the same kind of position.  Not coming off of a loss, but coming off of a no contest because of a portion of the fight that happpened last Friday.  We are not going to talk about that.  How do you feel about this opportunity, where if you come off June 9th Zab Judah is a seven figure fighter against anybody?

ZJ:  I feel good because they overturned the decision.  So the fight right now is considered a TKO.  I have another KO under my belt.  It's great. 

GL:  That's what it is.  Give us some thoughts for the BoxingTalkers?

ZJ:  Sue's Rendezvous.  Holla at me Tuesday night.  Monday night Sole or Stereo.  I'm back.