Video Transcription: Roger Mayweather


Video Transcription: Roger Mayweather

BT:  BoxingTalk is here with the one and only Roger Mayweather, we're at Floyd Mayweather's gym in Las Vegas.  Roger, how's it going?  "Everything is going well."

BT:  What are your thoughts on Floyd retiring?

Roger Mayweather:  I think that Floyd made a good decision for himself.  Remember, he's the only guy who has to take the risk.  He gets in there and takes the risk.  If Floyd retires, to this day, there isn't anyone in history, in the world of boxing, that's ever been a six time world champion in five different weight classes.  There's not a fighter in history that's ever done it.  For him to retire and walk away from boxing, he didn't let boxing retire him, he retired from boxing.  He did his work.

BT:  If your nephew did rematch Oscar in September, as it was planned, how do you think that fight would have played out?

RM:  It would have been what it was the first time.  You saw Oscar struggle with Steve Forbes, didn't you?  What do you think he could have done with Floyd?

BT:  Now we hear that Oscar is looking to end his career against the winner of the Cotto-Margarito fight.  He's hoping it's going to be Cotto.  How do you see the fight playing out between Cotto and Margarito?

RM:  I believe that Cotto has a good chance of winning.  I'm not saying he's an overwhelming favorite to win, but I believe he could possibly win the fight.  If I have to lean towards a guy, I'll lean towards Cotto. 

BT:  If they make the matchup between Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr., who do you like in that fight?

RM:  Roy Jones Jr.

BT:  Is it because he has more skill?

RM:  Skills pay the bills.  Calzaghe, from what I've seen, ain't shit.  He showed he ain't shit when he fought Bernard Hopkins.  He might throw a lot of punches, but I know Roy Jones Jr. can beat him, regardless of what.  He's got enough to beat Joe Calzaghe, he ain't that far gone.

BT:  You're close to Floyd.  Do you think he'll ever come back to boxing, or do you think he's done for good?

RM:  I think he will.  He decided to retire at the peak of his career.  To someone in the audience, or looking through the camera, they want to see him fight again.  Remember this, when Floyd leaves boxing, his legacy will never be touched.  To this day, his legacy will never be touched to this day.  There isn't one fighter that won six world championships in five different weight classes, and retired undefeated.  If they're talking about Rocky Marchiano, what are they going to say about Floyd?  He fought a bunch of old men when he retired.  Floyd has fought the best of this era of boxing.  For me to say why he would retire, remember I don't get hit, I train my men not to get hit.  My thing is he has to make the choice that going to be best for him.  No fighter has ever done what he's done, so why not go out on top?  He doesn't need money.  Most fighters, when they come back it's for a reason.  Floyd stayed in boxing for a reason, he didn't stay in boxing because he needs money.  

BT:  Manny Pacquiao is moving up in weight to fight David Diaz.  If he were to beat David Diaz, and Ricky Hatton defeats Paulie Malignaggi, who do you think would win a fight between Pacquiao and Hatton?

RM:  I think Ricky Hatton is too big for him, but it would still be a good fight.  Considering styles, Pacquiao can still hit.  Weight don't ever make a fight, it's skills that pay the bills.  Weight don't win fights, skill wins fights.  If weight won fights, Roy Jones Jr. would have never been the heavyweight champion of the world.

BT:  Next Wednesday, your fighter, Corneilius Lock??? will be on Wednesday night fights, in the main event against Roger Gonzales.  How's Corneilius looking right now?

RM:  He seems ready, he's doing what a lot of fighters do.  He's getting prepared, he's getting ready, he's doing what he's supposed to do.  Just get ready.  I don't know who Roger Gonzalez is, but he's going to feel how the rest of them felt.  My fighter is too fast, and has too many boxing skills.