Video Transcription: Paul Williams

By Darren Nichols


Video Transcription: Paul Williams

BT:  We've got Paul Williams here on BoxingTalk.  Paul, how tough of a fight was it against Antonio Margarito? "It was a tough fight, I knew I had to get rounds early.  Margarito comes on real strong in the later rounds, so I knew.  I was expecting to come in to fight, I made the whole fight.  Mr. Peterson told me when fought Margarito, "He's going to have some moments, but don't let him have all the moments during the fight. Don't let him have too many moments."  That's what I did.  That 11th round was a big strength for Margarito, so I knew I had to come out and take the 12th round from him.  That 12th round, to me, sealed the deal for him.  You see the punches that I threw.  Like I said, if I put the rounds in early, it won't matter what's he comes out with later, once I've got the rounds in the bank."

BT:  Everyone talked about Margarito being the most avoided fighter.  At what point of the fight did you realize you could take him?  That you could get this win?

PW:  I knew it from day one.  Ever since we were sparring, I knew what I did to him in sparring, I could do in a fight.  I knew he was going to be much stronger and much tougher, and that he was going to be coming strong in the later rounds.  I prepared so hard in Puerto Rico for this, I knew it wasn't going to a problem.

BT:  What did Mr. Peterson tell you during each rouond?

PW:  He told me, "You're one step away from being the champion."  He was pumping me up, "Keep doing what you're doing. Don't get in there and get careless, and do something crazy. Don't try to bang, and just keep on him."  That's what I was doing, sometimes Margarito was pushing his will on me, and pressuring me.  I knew to keep turning him, and to keep popping that jab, and I kept giving shots here and there.  I'm a fighter, I couldn't let him do all the banging.  I had to do some banging.

BT:  Were you ever hurt during the fight?

PW:  No, sir.  He stomped me, I'm not going to lie.  He stomped me in the fight.  He's a great puncher.  I knew the condition that  was in, and the sparring that I've been doing, and all the training I did in Puerto Rico was going to get me through this fight.

BT:  I know your manager and trainer have a lot of influence in what you do next.  As far as your concerned, who do you want to fight next?

PW:  I want to fight... I would love Cotto, he's got a big name.  Mayweather, I want any of the big name fighters out there.  I would love to get those fights.  I think if the fans pay their money, then they deserve to see a good fight, like they saw tonight.  It was a great fight.

BT:  Would Margarito be your next fight, if you can make it?

PW:  That's up to my manager and trainer, whatever they say goes.  I'm just a fighter, sir.