Video Transcription: Manny Pacquiao

By Josh Jordan


Video Transcription: Manny Pacquiao

BT: here with Philippino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao.  How is training going for your fight Champ? "Right now it's going good, it's going well.  We train hard we spar every other day.  Just like before.

BT:  You just arrived here in the States to start training at the Wild Card.  How are you adaping to training with Justin Fortune, with Freddie Roach out of your corner?

MP:  Justin Fortune is a good trainer.  He knows what he has to do.  Justin and Freddie are the same.

BT:  Do you know anything about your opponent ?

MP:  Yeah, I know him.  He's undefeated.  He's a little taller than me, and he's  good boxer too.  He's not an easy opponent.

BT:  Are you looking to come out and destroy him and make an example to Marquez and other fighters?  Are you looking to make a real statment with this fight?

MP:  It's a good fight, and a controversial fight.

BT:  What did you think about the fight, and are you looking to get either Barrera or Marquez after this fight?

MP:  Anybody.  After this fight, anybody.  I don't care.

BT:  Do you think either of those guys want you?  You wanted a rematch after your first fights with both of them, and they didn't seem to want it at the time.  Do you think they are willing to step in the ring with you now?

MP;  Yeah, I can fight them anytime.  Barrera wants to fight me, Marquez wants to fight me.  I can fight anybody.

BT:  Can I get your last thoughts on what these next few weeks are going to be like.  What will your training be like?  Will you be doing a lot of sparring, or will you be getting your weight down, geting into condition?

MP:  Since we started reallysparring in the Phillipine's.  We sparred there with three boxers.  We trained hard.  We tained hard in the Phillipines.  I'm not worried about it.

BT:  Last question, is there anything you'd like say to your fans?

MP:  Thanks to all the people who love boxing for all their support.  Especially everybody that watched the fight.  That's very important.