Video Transcription: Luis Collazo

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Video Transcription: Luis Collazo

BT: here with another exclusive interview with former champion Luis Collazo.  Luis, how's life treating you these days? "Just taking it day by day.  Just trying to recover from this surgery I had on my hand a few weeks ago.  I can't wait to get back."

BT:  Luis, would you mind putting your cast on camera.  When you first sustained the injury during the Mosley fight, the announcers didn't really hear you complaining about in the corner.   Why did you keep it to yourself?Obviously it must have hampered your performance.

LC:   That's how real warriors, real champions do.  Just go in there whatever the case may be, just deal with it after the fight.  I didn't say nothing to my corner. I just kept it to myself.  God forbid they would have stopped the fight. I would have been dissapointed.   I'd rather go 12 rounds, whatever the decision, at least I know that I went out there and did what I had to do.  I didn't come out with a victory, but I came out with a good experience, and I'll be back.

BT:  A lot of people would have probably used a built in excuse as a crutch, but you didn't.  You definetly showed a lot of heart, and gained some fans that you didn't have before.  What's next on the horizon, when will you be back to working out at full strength?

LC:  Next wee I take the cast off and start therapy.  Hopefully, before the years out, I'll get a fight in and be back to the top of the welterweight division. 

BT:  What kind of injuries did you sustain?

LC:  I broke my thumb, and tore some ligaments.  I did surgery,  I'm letting it heal up.  Taking some time off and I'll be back soon.

BT:  You said hopefully before the end of the year, is the a particular timetable or month that you're looking at.

LC:  Probably November or December.  I don't want to rush it.  If it takes longer that it's fine.  When I'm back, everybody in the welterweight division  be ready.  You gotta be ready, because Luis Collazo is coming back. 

BT:  Obviosly you've had some time off with the injury.  what's been going through you're mind, and what have you been doing?  Outside of boxing right now?

LC:  Well I've just been spending time with my family, my daughter, and watching old tapes of my fights.  I'm just taking it day by day, studying the game learning more about it.  I'm anxious to get back.

BT:  Luis, thank you for your time.  I hope you get better.  Is there anything that you'd like to say to your fans in closing?

LC:  Thank you very much for supporting me.  I'm sorry I let you down in the last fight.  I'll be back, welterweights be ready, I'm coming.


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