Video Transcription: Juan Manuel Lopez

By Matthew Goldstein


Video Transcription: Juan Manuel Lopez

BT: here with Juan Manuel Lopez.  Juan, did you think you were going to do it so easily?  Did you think Ponce would be that hurt off of one hit?  "I always said it was going to be a knockout, that I was going to win by a knockout.  I didn't think it was going to be this early, but I knew I was going to win by a knockout."

BT:  You've just won your first world title, with a first round knockout on HBO, a big world stage, what do you do now?  How do you upstage this?

Juan Manuel Lopez:  I hope to be doing my first world title defense on HBO, I hope we get a big names out there.  I know there are some guys at 122 that I could fight if I get the opportunity to do something.

BT:  What do you have to say to the Puerto Rican fans, and boxing fans around the world?

JML:  I'm going to be a champion for a long, long time, and I know that all my Puerto Ricans are going to be celebrating tommorow.  I'm going to celebrate right along with them.

BT:  Did Ponce ever hit you flush?, and did you ever feel his power?

JML:  Without a doubt, he's a stong puncher.  I did feel him when he hit me, but not to hurt me.  He is a very hard puncher.