Video Transcription: Joshua Clottey

By G. Leon


Video Transcription: Joshua Clottey

GL: here with the world class wleterweight, Joshua "The Hitter" Clottey.  He's fresh off his victory off of the late great Diego Corrales.  Tell us about it, we've got a lot of action in the welterweight division.  Zab Judah and Miguel Cotto are fighting this weekend.  Who do you like in that fight, Josh? "It's all about who has the heart, and the one who has the skills.  zab Judah has the skills, Cotto has the heart.  If Zab combines the heart and the skills together, he's going to win.  If he doesn't have the skill and the heart, then there is going to be a problem for him."

GL:  Do you think that fight is going 12 rounds, or do you think somebody is getting knocked out?

JC:  I don't think that fight is going the distance.  If Zab has the heart, and goes for 12 rounds, he's going to win.  If not, there's a problem for him.

GL:  Zab Judah, Miguel Cotto, and you are all with Top Rank.  Obviously, you want to fight the winner of this fight.  Is even the loser of the fight someone you'd want to fight?  Guys don't seem to be in a rush to get in the ring with you.  Is that something you're willing to entertain?

JC:  I really want to fight the winner, I'll fight the loser.  They both have a name.  I had my last fight with Corrales, which I won.  I need to go out again, which means I have to fight the best out there.  I especially want to fight Cotto, win or lose.  I want to fight Zab Judah as well, and Margarito.  He is the guy that I really want to fight badly.

GL:  When you fought Margarito, the first time that you hurt your hand, it was obvious you weren't fighting the same compared to the earlier rounds.  Do you regret not going all out in that fight, and perhaps fighting harder, because you might have gotten the decision?

JC:  I could have done that.  I could have been the brave guy, used my hands more, and won.  The day after the fight, I was injured.  I was told you're going to be suspended for the next two years because of him.  You're going to need surgery.  What is going to happen?  Who is going to feed you?  You're not going to get anything form anyone.  You'll lose your title, because you won't be able to fight for two years.  I thought to myself, let me hold on to that, finish the round, and prove myself next time.  That's why I proved myself to everybody in the Corrales fight.

GL:  Margarito is fighting Paul Williams for his next fight.  How do you think that fight is going to go?

JC:  To me, Margarito doesn't know much about boxing. He keeps throwing, he doesn't have defense, he doesn't have anything.  Paul Williams, he's got everything.  If Paul Williams can take Margarito's punches, Williams is going to win.

GL:  Obviously, you want the rematch with Margarito to take place for the WBO welterweight championship of the world, but Paul Williams isn't promoted by Bob Arum.  If Paul Williams wins the fight, would you still want to fight Margarito to get your shot at redemption from him?

JC:  If he loses, I will fight him, because I want to win, including Carlos Baldomir.  I already have two losses with him, I need to pay him back.  So, if Margarito loses, and he wants to fight me, I will fight him.  So far, he's a good name, a good fighter, he's a good everything.  If I fight him, and I win, people might think I lost because of the injury.  With Paul Williams,if he wins, that is going to give me a fight I deserve. I remember when I was with DiBella, he kept calling to fight me on ShoBox.  I always said that for $15,000 On ShoBox, I will not do it. 

GL:  We know you'll fight anybody, unfortunately, Top Rank and GoldenBoy don't do business with each other.  That means that a fight with you and Shane Mosley probably isn't going to happen.  With that being said, does that make you and your people want to put extra pressure on Top Rank, to make sure that you get a Margarito, Zab Judah, or Miguel Cotto in the ring right away?

JC:  In my opinion, people want fighters to fight.  If Shane Mosley chooses to fight me, then the business can be done, even today.  I really want to fight him.  Mosley is a name, he is everything, he's been a champion so many times.  If I fight him, and I beat him, I'm going to be me.  I know I can beat him, so I want to fight him bad.

GL:  You're comfortable at 147 pounds.  If for whatever reason none of these guys want to fight at 147, do you see yourself moving up in weight to fight a big name?

JC:  I'll fight any one of them.  I want to be a champion at 147 first, before I move.  I've trained a lot, because I know I want to be a welterweight.  If these guys want to fight me, I'll make my 147 and fight them.  They have to fight me.  They call each other out, and fight each other, but they don't call me out.

GL:  When can we expect your next fight to take place?  Has a date been set since we last spoke?

JC:  Yes, we're talking about the 9th of August.  It's just a warmup fight, to keep busy.  I don't know where it's going to be.  I'm just training to be in shape, taht's it.

GL:  Your going to have a stay busy fight, and after that, you want to stay busy against one of these big names.

JC:  Exactly, I think after August 9th, before the end of the year, I'll get one of them.  I have to prove who is Joshua.

GL:  Thank you for your time, and stopping by.  Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans in closing?

JC:  BoxingTalk is the best, trust me.  I never knew about the site, until I got to America.  It's the best.  I really appreciate you, and the things you are doing for me, making me a name.  God bless you for that.  God bless BoxingTalk, and everybody at BoxingTalk.