Video Transcription: Joe DeGuardia

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Video Transcription: Joe DeGuardia

BT:  Joe, can you give us some thoughts on tonight's fight? "It's a great night of boxing here.  We have another great crowd.  They're exciting, they know boxing.  They cheer the boxers on.  There are fans from the United Nations here.  The Scottish flag, the Dutch flag, the Dominican flag, the Puerto Rican flag, the American flag, the melting pot."

BT:  Big win for you guys tonight. Tell us about Aundrey Tsurkan and what's next for him.

JD:  Aundrey Tsurkan, he represented the Ukraine in the Bronx.  He's a Bronx transplant.  As always, Aundrey Tsurkan is an exciting fighter.  He throws so many punches.  I'm waiting to see what the punch count was, because I know he might have broken a couple of records.  He just throws punches.  Aundrey Tsurkan is an exciting kid.  He had a nice win over Sammy Sparkman, I thought. He told me he was waiting for it for a couple of rounds.  He was waiting to set it up, and it was a beautiful left hook.

BT:  I think his record is now 25-2.  How far away is he from challenging for a world title?

JD:  I think he's right there.  We've been negotiating some big fights for him, they haven't come to fruition yet.  I think he's six to eight months away, then he'll be fighting for the world title.

BT:  Ray Joval picked up a nice win tonight against Willie Gibbs.  Where do you see Raymond's future in the middleweight division?

JD:  Another great fight, a clash between two real veterans.  Guys that really know the sport, they know their craft.  It'll be exciting and good to watch, and I'd look to see Raymond Joval to get a title shot also relatively soon. 

BT: It's a big week for you coming up with Mighty Mike Arnaoutis-Kendall Holt.

JD:  That's a fight fans fight.  If you know boxing, you know that could potentially be the fight of the year.  You've got Holt, the number one contender.  Then there's Arnaoutis, he's number two contender.  Arnaoutis got a bad shake with Ricardo Torres.  I thought he should have won that fight, and he should be the world champion right now.  This fight should determine who's going to fight Ricardo Torres next.

BT:  Staying on the same weekend Elvir Muriqi-Antonio Tarver, what up with that?

JD:  I'm looking forward to Elvir Muriqi and Antonio Tarver fighting.  It's going to be a great fight.  There have been some issues on the date, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing Elvir against Tarver.

BT:  Is it on for this Sunday April 22nd?

JD:  The date is right April 22nd, but that may or may not occur on the 22nd.  There might be a postponement, but the fight will take place. 

BT:  Tell us about Kevin Johnson your heavyweight.

JD:  He's got a jab like Larry Holmes.  I love to watch him fight.  He'll probably be fighting on April 22nd or the rescheduling.

BT:  Are there any other fighters you'd like to talk about? 

JD:  We've got a lot of guys in our stable.  Check out our website.  When you go over to, come check us out as well at and see our guys.  Tonight we had another flag out there, the Scottish flag.  That was Ian and tonight he fought an awkward fighter.  He came out and won the fight.  He's a big strong kid, 5-0, from Scottland.  We're looking to see him become a big heavyweight.  It's always exciting when you have  different countries represented.  When you see the crowd and you have a soccer type crowd.  When the guys are yelling and they're singing the songs, and playing the Scottish anthem.  It's just exciting.

BT:  When will we see you at the Paradise again?

JD:  We'll be back next month.  We're working on keeping this place going on a regular basis.  It's a real fight fan place and I love being here. 


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