Video Transcription: Jermain Taylor

By James Ahern


Video Transcription: Jermain Taylor

BT: here with Jermain Taylor at his training campin Las Vegas.  How's it going Jermain? "Everything is going on, I'm training my butt off working hard.  It's a totally different training camp than it was last time." 

BT:  I'll stay away from the questions about all the speculated problems with Emanuel Steward.  How's it feel to be back with Ozell, and only Ozell?

Jermain Taylor:  As far as being back, he was never gone.  He was always there, he just stepped up, and is taking over. 

BT:  What are you going to do on February 16th, since you were unsuccessful in the last fight?

JT:  Just be in shape, be in shape for 12 rounds.  Train hard, that's all I've got to do.  As far as boxing, that will take care of itself.  The main thing is to be in shape.

BT:  Did you take that fight because you felt boxing demanded that?

JT:  I took the fight because that's what boxing needs.  

BT:  You were kind of struggling to make 160, a lot of people were critcizing you for, so called, ducking him. 

JT:  I feel that in boxing you fight the best opponent that's out there at that time.  I'm not into ducking, if they want to fight, let's fight.  Let's go ahead and make the fight, I don't have time for all that.  Whoever's the best at that time, that's who I want to fight.  

BT:  The critics, in my opinion, have been a little harsh with you.  I don't think they consider you going from Daniel Eduardo to Bernard Hopkins.  How hard of a transition was that at such a young age?  Going from the Lower 15 of fighters to the best in the world.

JT:  I'm not worried about the critics, all this comes with the territory.  I'm in this to send my kids to the best school.  To tell you the truth, I don't even watch boxing on TV.  I'm just in this to better my life, and my family's life.  As far as the criticisim, to hell with it. 

BT:  So, like you said, when you beat Kelly Pavlik in the rematch, we should expect a third fight?

JT:  I'm with it.  Expect it, if it happens, it happens.  I'd be glad to fight him.  I will call him out, let's do a third, just to make a show.

BT:  He took the title away from you Jermain, did he also take you pride?

JT:  He didn't take my pride, all he did was take the belt.  That's all.

BT:  Do you feel you have to win this fight? 

JT:  I feel I have to win this fight.  I feel like my whole career is riding on this fight.  This kid came out of nowhere and beat me, I've got to redeem it.  Ain't no shame in my saying it, he did his thing and I didn't.

BT:  Closing thoughts.

JT:  Hard work pays off with everything.