video transcription: Floyd Mayweather Sr.

By Josh Jordan


video transcription: Floyd Mayweather Sr.

BT:  Your son has a really big fight coming up, as everybody knows. Tell us your thoughts on that. "The best man is gonna win, of course we know.  His chances of winning are more likely now.  His chances of winning are greater now than any chance because he's got his daddy in his corner."

BT:  Tell us your personal feelings about being in your son's corner.

FMS:  I'm always a father before I'm a trainer.  My thing is him being my son, me in his corner, as opposed to not in his corner.  Of course I want to be there for him, because he's my son.  It really don't make no difference weather I be there or not.  This is a fight, but Oscar gotta realize, that it's all buisness.  My son want me there, need me there, I'm gonna be there. 

FMS:  Me and Oscar had a talk at the last press conference where we was.  Me and him, everything is mutual. Everything seems like it's on solid ground.  It's not a problem. And if Oscar wants me to work with him, if he wants to continue his career after the May 5th fight is over.  I'd be more than glad to accomodate him.

BT:  Did you teach Oscar everything you know, or do you still have some tricks you can use against him?

FMS:  Did I teach Oscar all I know?  I don't think I never taught anybody all I know. If I teach somebody all I know, then I got a problem.  I'm gonna always hold the best for last.

BT:  So you still have a few tricks up your sleeve?

FMS:  I got a lot of tricks up my sleeve.  That's why I continue to last as long as I have.  Why you think I' the greatest.

BT:  Any predictions for the fight on May 5th?

FMS:  Being that things have went as far as they have,  in all honesty the fight favors my son, because i got input in it now.  My inputs are stong.  I think Oscar De La Hoya knows that.   He knows what I bring to the table is nothing to play with. Oscar's a typical guy.  I don't want to say anything out of the way, but Oscar's a typical guy.  I'm sorry that the fight came to this.  My son asked for me to be at the press conference, because I wouldn't come to the press conference.  The rest is history, I guess. 

BT:  Thank you.