Video Transcription: Curtis Stevens

By Socrates Palmer Jr.


Video Transcription: Curtis Stevens

Stevens coming to put a hurting on Dirrell

BT: here with one of the most devastating punchers today, Curtis Stevens.  Curtis, you've got a week to go.  What's running through your mind right now? "I really just want to get right in there, and demolish him.  He's talking big shit, like he's a big dude, or like he's even in my weight class.  I just want to get in there and beat the shit out of him, to tell you the truth."

BT:  Everyone in the Tri-state area is waiting for you to be fighting from home.  This time, the fight is taking place not too far from home.  Is that stressful for you or do you plan on putting on a good show for the fans?

CS:  A show?  I always put on a show.  A brutal ass whooping?  Yeah.  A bloody ass whooping?  Yeah.  A death defying, life threatening fight for him?  Yeah.  You know Brooklyn is going to be in the building.  Paulie's fighting that night, so we're just going to be everywhere, beating up everybody, how Brooklyn do.

BT:  Has this fight turned personal between you and Dirrell

CS:  No, it's never personal, it's business to me. Am I really going to try to hurt him?  Yeah.  Is that what you're asking me?  Am I going to try to hurt him more than my other fighters?  Yeah.  I feel he's talking too much junk.  Why do you want to talk all this junk about me, like you know me?  You know what I do, you've seen me in the amatuers.  I knock guys out with the 12 oz. gloves on, with headgear on.  So why do you think you can even test me, when you've been down before?  You've been down, by lesser punchers than me.  I hit like an earthquake, but you know, to each his own.

BT:  What do you think is going to make the difference in this fight?

CS:  Power, handspeed, a faster mind, that they will see.  Who connects faster, who connects harder, and who's going down first.  I don't believe I'm going down, I know I'm not going down.  Is he going to go down?  Yes.  Will he get back up?  That's the question.  Will he get back up?  Will he survive the ass whooping he's going to get if he gets back up?        

BT:  Do people underestimate your handspeed, since you're known as a power puncher?

CS:  They underestimate the handspeed, because they think he's a flamboyant guy, or fast.  He's fast with no solid punches.  If you see his jab, his jab is an open glove.  You're throwing fast shots with open gloves, you're really just trying to sting them, or keep them away.  I don't care if you try to keep me away or not, because I'm still going to be on that ass like a mad dog.

BT:  He's still got a lot of amatuer style in him?

CS:  He thinks it's the point system, where you pop and run, pop and run.  He's going to try to pop and run, and get popped back.  He's going to keep getting popped.  At the end of the day, I'd rather die in the ring.  I'd rather get knocked out, and lay on my back to have another guy raise his hand.  Come June 16th, leave your kids at home because it's going to be a brutal ass whooping.

BT:  Any closing thoughts?

CS:  Showtime, I'm here, come see me June 16th.