Video Transcription: Chris Byrd

By Patrick Lee


Video Transcription: Chris Byrd

BT:  We're here with former heavyweight champion of the world, Chris Byrd.  Who do you think won the fight tonight between Hopkins and Calzaghe? "I actually thought Calzaghe won the fight, and the scores, they were pretty accurate.  Maybe Calzaghe by a little bit more, depending on how the judges look at the fight."

BT:  Who do you think landed cleaner shots?

Chris Byrd:  Early on, I think Hopkins.  Throughout the fight, I think the pressure, and the more shots, the more punches thrown, it was Calzaghe, he just outpunched.  I think Bernard needed to do more.  If he just did a little bit more in each round, he would have won the fight.

BT:  So, you're moving down to light heavyweight, and you've got a fight on May 16th sponsored by Planet Hollywood at the Cox Pavillion against Shawn George.  Tell us a little bit about that fight.

CB:  For me moving down to light heavyweight, fighting a guy like Shawn George, people say, "Why are you fighting him?"  He's a slick guy, he's a boxer, but I'm willing to face light heavyweights.  I'm willing to face all the guys.

BT:  What did you think about the fight at light heavyweight last week with Tarver, Woods, Johnson, and Dawson?

CB:  It was a great night of boxing.  I think in the Tarver-Woods fight, I don't think Woods showed up that night to defend his title.  He should have done more, because his title was on the line.  The Johnson-Dawson fight was awesome, that's what boxing needed.  It was a real close tight fight.

BT:  After your first fight at light heavyweight, if you get past that, who are you looking to call out in the light heavyweight division?

CB:  It doesn't matter, I want to fight for a title.  I would love to fight Joe Calzaghe in England, that would be the ultimate fight.  Two lefties, the former heavyweight champion versus the reigning light heavyweight champion.  I think it would be a great sale and an interesting fight with two southpaws.