Video Transcription: Bob Arum

By Josh Jordan


Video Transcription: Bob Arum

BT: with Bob Arum, here to promote the April 14th fight for PPV in the Alamo Dome. Could you give us your quick thoughts on this card? "I think it's an outstanding card.  There will be four fights on the card.  It will be televised. Each one will be interesting.  Brian Viloria fights for the vacant title against Edgar Sosa.  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a 10 round barn burner with Tony Shcula.  The Arce-Mijares fight for the WBC 115 pund title.  It's a pick-em fight, and Manny Pacquiao is is real tough with Jorge Solis.  He's a fine, accomplished fighter. He's an absolutly great boxer, puncher."

BT:  Let's talk about the Arce fight.  You say that it's a pick-em fight.  It is a very compelling match up.  Can you tell us a little bit more about that, what you're expecting?

BA:  I think that after 8 rounds, I wouldn't be surprised if the fight was     4-4.  I think Arce's strength is coming on in the end, because he has this incredible endurance.  It's going to be a terrific, terrific fight, with a million punches thrown. 

BT:  Moving on to the Pacquiao fight.  What do you expect from that against a very tough opponent?

BA: I think Pacquiao is going to be tested.  Pacquiao should win, but it's a real tough competitive fight.  Solis is so accomplished, both as a boxer and as a puncher.  

BT:  As far as Viloria goes, he struggled a bit with the style of Omar Nino. What do you expect from him come this fight?

BA:  Well, he's got to step up the gas.  Sosa's a really good fighter.  Brian, frankly has been dissapointing his last couple of fights.

BT:  A lot of people are excited, of course, about Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  Are you looking to step up his competiton in '07, and maybe try to get him into the top 20 or 15 guys?

BA:  Absolutly, everything is ready he' strong he's maturing.  We have high hopes for him.  He's just not a curiosity, he's a real fighter.

BT:  Can I get your thoughts on a fight that somewhat pertains to this, this past weekend, as far as Pacquiao, with the Barrera-Marquez fight?

BA:  I didn't see that fight, but I understand it was an interesting fight.  They're both good fighters and, towards the end of their careers, I think they were ill served fighting each other.   Their total combined compensation was less then what Pacquiao's getting.  That being said, if Golden Boy is concerned about their fighters like they say they are, and Pacquiao wins this fight they would offer to put Barrera or Maquez in with Pacquiao.

BT:  Ever since their first fights with both Barrera and Marquez, Pacquiao was willing to take a rematch immediately, but those guys didn't want one.  Do you think they would want one now that Pacquiao is really the cash cow of the lower weight division?

BA:  Yeah, I think so.  Certainly Barrera would want a shot at Pacquiao.  Marquez, sure he would want a shot.  I have no doubt in my mind tha either guy Barrera or Marquez would want to fight Pacquiao, better than fighting each other.  Because there's no money there, it's a Saturday night show.

BT:  Absolutely, on to one of your other fighters towards the end of his career.  What do you have on the horizon for Eric Morales?

BA:  I have to talk with Fernando later.  Eric wants one more fight, for the lightweight Championship against David Diaz.  I want to see how much he wants that.  If he does, then we'll put it on for him. 

BT:  And where would that fight most likely take place?

BA:  Either in Chicago or L.A.

BT:  Thanks a lot, Bob.