Video Transcription: Bernard Hopkins

By G. Leon


Video Transcription: Bernard Hopkins

BH:  Listen, if you've got a dog, especially if it's a pit bull, and it barks, they kill the dog. Nobody wants a barking dog.  That's from the hood. You've got a dog that bark, come on,  get that out of here. He's trying to tell you not to come near him, because he doesn't want to fight.  So, if he can bluff you, he can beat you. 

Q:  Bernard, you barked a lot.  We've heard you bark.

BH:  But you heard me deliver.  Come May 5th, let's see if Floyd delivers.  There's a difference, dog's bark, some dogs bite.    

Q:  And you're one of the one's that bite?

BH:  You don't have to ask me, just look at my record.

Q:  How do you see the first half of the fight going?

BH:  I see it being a fight where punches are thrown.  Floyd being flashy, looking good.  Then the tide changes.  You'll see a championship fight come to life.  It's called an experienced veteran.  Then you’ll see a fight that was built up to be one of the biggest in the world become one sided when it looks like his hand might be hurt.  It looks like that jab might be a little harder than he expected.  This is a carbon copy, again I go back to me, I'm hearing the same things I've heard in this fight.  They said Oscar was going to be faster than me, people saw me use the same speed and say, "I didn't know Bernard was that fast."  I've been boxing for over ten years, did you all miss that?  I think that a lot of people are going to be surprised when Oscar matches his speed.  If not actually the same, then very close.  It will be so close, to the naked eye there will not be much of a difference.  You want to see more flash from the other guy.  You want to see more punches, and more determined punching.  Accurate punches, not the pretty stuff that dazzled us.  It looks good, I must admit, if you put a new suit on it looks good. 

Q:  Give us your predictions.  An honest and unbiased opinion.

BH:  The referee stops the fight to save Floyd for another day.  Boxing needs this.  We're always going to have someone saying that the fight didn't reach the hype they wanted it to.  Everybody has their own ways of satisfying their cravings.  I believe that the 24/7, I think who put that together was Ross Greenberg, that series was so in your face and behind the scenes.  With Floyd being Floyd, and Oscar being Oscar, you can't take that away from either guy.  You've got to respect that.  Floyd's undefeated, Oscar's been around for a long time.  He's fought the best and he's taken on the best to date.  Pound for pound, there's no doubt.  No one is questioning that, but come May 5th, I can't fight for Oscar.  His manager can't fight for Floyd.  We're all going to be sitting down on our asses, hoping for both of our guys, watch.  I know he probably agrees with me, I don't want to put words in his mouth. At the end of the day we both have agendas.  I want my guy to win, he wants his guy to win.  To do their best, to put it out, and bring boxing to where we all in the future can do big matches and make and money.        

GL:  How much of an impact, do you believe the choice of Reyes glove is going to have on the outcome of this fight?

BH:  Reyes  gloves are gloves.  They are made differently, they're punchers gloves.  I think it's going to be a big difference, from what my understanding is.   

GL:  What's your understanding?

BH:  I'm using Reyes gloves when I fight Winky Wright, because Winky Wright likes to cover up behind Grant gloves, and Winter gloves.  They're big, and he likes to cover his face so they block punches don't catch him.  I’m using Reyez gloves, so when he does that, the Reyes gloves are going to cut right up the middle.  They're going to hit him in the ear drum, or his brain stem and knock his head off.

GL:  That's how you crack turtle shells.

BH:  Yes, turtle shells.  Certain guys don't want to use Reyez gloves because they are punchers gloves.  If you've got bad hands, you don't want to use those gloves.  If you're using those gloves defensively, you don't want to , because you can't hide behind them.  The only chance this will be a boring fight is if you fall asleep and don't watch it.