video transcription: Antonio Margarito

By Darren Nichols


video transcription: Antonio Margarito

BT:  We've got the WBO welterweight champion here, Antonio Margarito on BoxingTalk, getting ready  for his fight with Paul Williams.  Antonio how is preparation going for that fight? "We haven't started our preparation yet.  We're doing our usual practice.  Running everyday on March 3rd we should be here in L.A. Practice."

BT:  Paul Williams has been known for his power.  What is your key to victory in beating Paul Williams?

AM:  I don't know how Paul Williams became #1. He's been mentioning my name, and everybody's been paying attention to what he's been saying.  Which is not true, but still, we're gonna do our fight.  We're gonna do our best.

BT:  Before this fight was made, you made comments like, "Paul who?" What brought on the signing of this fight?

AM:  I've been doing hard fights. He hasn't fought anyone at all.  I don't know how he became #1.  I've been fighting hard to be the champion of the world.

BT:  Once you get past PW will you face the winner of Cotto/Judah?

AM:  After Paul Williams, if Cotto comes to victory, then I'm sure we'll go to this fight.

BT:  What if Zab Judah beats Miguel Cotto, would you want to face Zab Judah?

AM:  We're the world champion, we're willing to fight anybody.

BT:  Thank you.