Video Transcription: Acelino Freitas

By G. Leon


Video Transcription: Acelino Freitas

GL: here with WBO lightweight champion of the world Acelino "Popo" Freitas.  Oscar Suarez is translating for this.  Acelino can you give us some thoughts on the big unification fight on the 28th? "We already conquered one at 130 pounds with a great fighter as Casamayor was.  And again at 135 pounds.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will conquer that too."

GL:  Juan Diaz is a straight forward fighter, he only has one direction he goes and that's forward.  He throws a lot of punches.  Does that make him perfect for you guys, considering that you're going to be looking to counter his aggression?

AF:  It's in no way an easy fight, regardless of style.  You never know if Juan Diaz is getting ready for us too.   Basically we're getting ready for anything and everything.  We're getting raedy for 15 rounds.  But yes, his style is a little bit comfortable for us, as you mentioned, as a counter.  No, it's nowhere near an easy fight.  It's not going to be an easy fight.

GL:  Based on the fact that this guy comes straight forward, do you think that you'll score a knockout on April 28th?

AF:  It's 39 victories and 32 KO's He's happy to be at Foxwoods for their 100th fight there.  He's going to be celebrating his 40th fight, with his 33rd knockout. 

GL:  Do you feel that your power is going to be the difference in this fight?

AF:  Not really.  I know that Juan is going to be ready for anything and everything, just as I am going to be ready. It's going to be a different fight than a lot of people would expect.   

GL:  There have been some rumblings hat the WBA might be stripping him before this fight takes place, because he has a mandatory.  How important is it for Popo to unify the title, or does it not really metter to him as long as he's facing the best opposition available?

AF:  If it's not a unification, he's not going to put his title on the line.  He represents WBO, so it's supposed to be a unification title.  That's something to discuss later on with Don King, who is responsible for the WBO.  We are here, we've got the WBO, and we're ready to go.

GL:  To unify or not to unify? That is the question.  We will find out the answer.  In the meantime, Popo give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

AF:  To come and support this fight, because even if it's not going to be a unification fight, it's definetly going to be one of the most explosive fights right now.  Come and support.  The Latinos, the Brazillians, the American people in general people in general, he's going to do his best to give them the best.


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