Video Transcript: Bob Arum

By G. Leon


Video Transcript: Bob Arum

GL: here with Bob Arum at the Hasim Rahman-James Toney press conference in New York City. Bob, both fighters were gentleman today are you surprised? "James is a friend of mine. No matter what he says, we promoted him for many years and we parted on very good terms so I know that James, deep down is a helluva nice guy so I'm not surprised he conducted himself in the manner which he did. Rahman is a professional, he knows how to conduct himself. I think when the promoter sets the tone and doesn't try to steam it up unnecessarily so the guys go crazy, you get dignified athletes, a dignified event where the fighting will take place in the ring where it belongs, and I try to accomplish that. It worked that way today and there's going to be a great fight in Atlantic City on March 18."

GL: Rahman told me he's going to be the first to knock James out on March 18. That's a tough task, do you agree with him?

Bob Arum: "I think he has a helluva shot. Listen Greg, I got involved in this heavyweight division, not because I'm enamored with heavyweights, I've gone years without promoting any. But I think there's something special about Rahman. I think he's a true champion and if we keep him movitated, which I know we will, the sky is the limit for this guy. He could wipe out everyone in the heavyweight division and I believe that will happen in the months ahead."

GL: Is the Judah fight still a possibility for Mayweather? Who else is in that mix?

Bob Arum: "It's a possibility but it's a remote possibility. The hotels don't want and Judah did himself a terrible disservice not preparing for the fight. Margarito is fighting on February 18, and we're trying to get a fight for Floyd on April 8. Winky Wright and Carlos Baldomir are the two guys we're looking at now."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Bob Arum: "Boxingtalk gets the best information of any website, and you've pumped me clean for today."

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