Verno Phillips responds to Candelo

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Verno Phillips responds to Candelo

“Tell him to make sure he gets the win with Teddy Reid and I will fight him next”

RC: Verno, what are your thoughts on Candelo coming on the record here on Boxingtalk basically saying that you are scared to fight him and said he’ll take a fight with you for $2,000 and you can have the rest of the available money?
VP: That’s funny, but to me he is pocket change. He never made any money in his career so he doesn’t mind. If he is willing to fight me for $2,000 then **explicit** it we can take it to the street.

If he wants to fight me after the Teddy Reid fight, tell him to put it in the contract, I’ll take his money. Tell him to make sure he gets the win with Teddy Reid and I will fight him next. I mean honestly I doubt he will win the fight though.

RC: So you don’t think that he’ll get past Teddy Reid?
VP: I don’t think he will get past Teddy Reid

RC: If Candelo is successful that night, it seems as if it is a fight that can definitely be made. However if he looses is it a fight you will still be interested in just to settle the score?
VP: Yeah if he wins I will **explicit** him up inside the ring, and if he looses I will **explicit** him up outside of the ring.

RC: (I Start to laugh)
VP: Yo Ray I m dead **explicit** serious! Yo that mother **explicit** ran from me. Like he said he doesn’t want any police involved. That is why he left the gym, and ran to go work with Buddy McGirt. He left because T (Trevor Wittman) didn’t go see him when he was locked up. If you mess up you can’t expect everybody to come see you, I messed up and I didn’t expect anyone to come see me. When he (T) came to visit me I told him not to because I didn’t want him to come see me behind a window. He is a little **explicit** wanting people to come see you. Once you go inside (Jail) you don’t have anyone, you are there by yourself.

RC: So regardless in some way shape or form you plan on handling your business with him?
VP: Yeah I still wan to fight him because I got something for him. I got his Dog (Bulldog that retails anywhere from $2000-$3000), I got his robe, I got his boxing gloves and I am going to put all of that **explicit** on EBay and…

RC: (Cutting in laughing) you don’t really have his dog do you?
VP: Yeah I got his dog.

RC: (In Disbelief & Puzzled) so you really have his dog?
VP: Yeah I got his dog; on the real I have his dog. But I gave it away to my man because I didn’t really want to clean up the mess and all of that. Tell him that his ex-wife told him that the dog ran away, the dog aint run away I got it. I could have done worse but I just took the dog instead.

RC: At this point do you still want the $200 that he owes you or would you just ..
VP: (Cutting in) actually he doesn’t owe me $200 he owes me more like $300 plus. But, I got his dog and when the time comes I am going to get in the ring and beat the **explicit** out of him. After his fight on January 20th, tell him to put it in the contract.

He is a faggot, he has been sneaking back and forth to Texas and don’t want to let me know he is around because he knows what will happen. He is calling people up around here always asking where I am at before he goes anywhere. Tell him to just come to gym the gym and face, and stop being a **explicit**. Only faggots want people to come see them when they are locked up, real cats like me just deal with the consequences. When I was locked up for 2 ½ years I didn’t call anybody to come and see me.

Yo he would try to bring a bunch of chicks to the gym but they didn’t want to see him they came to see me.

RC: (Start to laugh)
VP: (Cutting in) Yo that is on the real. All his chicks came around because they only wanted to see me. They were all feeling me, but you see I am married and I am not a drinker and I am not a partier, and the girls that he be around like all that kind of stuff,, but I don’t get down like that. He is a faggot mother **explicit** wanting to fight me for $2,000. He aint never really make no money, the only money that he ever really made was against Winky Wright, and that didn’t even last him two months. I made money, I mean I aint rich but I am comfortable, I don’t got to go house to house like he be doing. He moves around from house to house because he is so broke. He got Columbian cats that he was cool with out here when he had a little something but when he didn’t have anything they never came around.

He lucky he bounced because at that time he didn’t want to pay me my money I was coming after him at that time. On the Internet he is saying he doesn’t want any police involved but when I ** explicit ** him up and make him run to the cops

RC: I’m still in shock over the dog, I mean…
VP: (Cutting in) the next time you talk to him ask him. Be like “J.C. by the way, where is your dog at?” and he probably might say either his ex still has it, or he will tell you it ran away. No matter what he says to you just know that I got his dog, and I gave it away because my wife didn’t want and she want with all of that. My wife is a neat freak kind of person. So ask him about it, he is going to tell you one thing but she gave it to me,. That was just the line that she was going to tell him.

RC: (Cutting in) so wait a minute, his now ex-wife gave you his dog?
VP: Yeah, She just gave it to me, she was like “I know you and J.C. had some issues over money so just take the dog and I am going to tell him that the dog ran away.”
I also got his robe, his Columbian and American Rob (The one he wore during the Kassim Ouma fight), his headgear. I mean I can’t wear it because I am not Columbian but I was going to put it on EBay and see if anybody in Columbia wants it. But if we fight, I am going to wear it inside the ring and I am going to throw it at him.

RC: (Laughing hysterically) Teddy Reid is cool people and a good fighter, but honestly at this point, just because of all the animosity between you two, I would have loved to see you two go at on January 20th instead.
VP: You see Ray It is not about the money. The thing is he never made any money, even though I lost my last two fights, to two good fighters I know I am not going to make a whole bunch of money and I know I gotta make a come back. But it is like this; by me taking $5,000 it really isn’t any money. I am a three-time world champion and people will be looking at me like, damn that’s bad, you know what I mean? With him, don’t get me wrong, he is a good fighter and everything, but he hasn’t been on the level that I was one.

What gets me most is he is going to question what type of friend I was. When I met him I liked him because he is from a foreign country and he came out here to make a career out of this. But when you got somebody’s back you don’t stab him, because you might need that person. He gotta remember what I did for him; I got up out of my bed and left my son in the bed early in the morning to go wire him some money. If I wouldn’t have gave him the money to get bailed out, he would have never had the chance to fight Ouma because he would have still been in jail, and his manager or promoter wasn’t going to put the money up to get him out. But enough about all of that, tell him to put that in the contract and we can do this.


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