Verno Phillips annoyed with Ishe Smith

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Verno Phillips annoyed with Ishe Smith

Phillips to Golden boy: Make it happen, or tell Ishe to shut up!

RC: What’s the latest Verno?
VP: I am just staying in shape waiting for next year to come to see what’s going to be next for me. I See Ishe Smith is still calling me out like he already worked everything out with his people over there at Golden Boy. It looks like he is suppose to be fighting coming up this Saturday on the 25th on an HBO undercard off TV

RC: I don’t think that fight will ho be taking place…
VP: (Quickly responding) Well I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything about it either, I just saw it on the Internet somewhere. I just don’t get why he is always calling me out and he isn’t even getting any airtime. He was going to be fighting off TV on the undercard this weekend. He can’t call me out if his people isn’t even putting him in a TV fight. I have been doing this for a minute and I know he doesn’t expect me to fight him off TV; all of my fights have been on TV. Hopefully Golden boy will give him a TV date so we can go ahead and get it on already.

RC: In actuality, what do you think the chances of this fight actually happen are at this point?
VP: If it comes through then is goes through because I am always down for anything, or anybody, but the money has got to be right and we cant make any money fighting off TV. I don’t really need him. I am already ranked he isn’t. I am already number four in the IBF so he needs me. If he wants a piece of what I got tell Golden Boy to put up. He wants to keep calling my name out every single time he is on Boxingtalk but I see he was supposed to be fighting a guy that’s 9-3-2 (Gilbert Venegas), that’s only like 14 fights. His last fight was against am guy that was 9-6 (Oscar Gonzales). Look at my Boxrec and you can see that I fought all beast compared to him. On the contender he fought Mora and couldn’t prove nothing there so what makes him think he is ready for me. When he steps in the ring with me he aint fighting no five rounds with one of those contenders cats.

I think Golden Boy doesn’t really have that much confidence in him and they don’t really want to make the fight, because they haven’t been calling my people to make the fight happen. So why does he keep calling my name out? They should maybe tell him to stop because they don’t think he is ready for me. I read his mailbag and he is still calling me out. I cant remember the last time I read an interview from him and he didn’t mention my name. Before, when he was calling me out, he for us to call them because I am the opponent but he is the one acting like an opponent. It’s getting annoying reading that all of the time, him and his people need to make the fight happen or shut up. He needs to work it out with his team and get a TV date and then he can call me out. If they don’t want to make the fight then they should keep putting him in there with guys that have less fights than I have knockouts.


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