Verno Phillips Warning Oscar and the Top 5 Junior Middleweights

By Darren Nichols


Verno Phillips Warning Oscar and the Top 5 Junior Middleweights

"Take me lightly and I'll end your career."

BoxingTalk:  What’s the latest and greatest with Verno Phillips?

Verno Phillips:  I’m good.  Keeping busy and staying in the gym.

BoxingTalk:  The last time we saw you in the ring was against Cory Spinks when you took his IBF Junior Middleweight Title.  How have you been celebrating your big win?

Verno Phillips:  It’s just another day for me.  Some people said that he had a bad night, but Spinks should have thought twice before getting in the ring with me.

BoxingTalk:  How has your most recent victory helped you career?

Verno Phillips:  People say that I was done, but I’ve showed the world that I still have what it takes.  I’ve been in this game for two decades and I’m still doing this.

BoxingTalk:  With names like Sechew Powell, Vernon Forrest, Sergio Mora, and of course Oscar De La Hoya, the junior middleweight division has plenty of potential opponents for you to prove you’re worthy of retaining your belt.  Have any of these names come up as your next opponent?

Verno Phillips:  They’ve even mentioned Winky Wright.but I can’t wait on him.  Mora blew off from “The Contender,” and he’s calling out names like Oscar De La Hoya.  I was fighting for the WBO in 1993 when I was sitting this close to Oscar.  Let’s get in the ring and see what happens.

BoxingTalk:  You are currently ranked #1 by the very magazine that Oscar De La Hoya owns.  Do you believe Oscar can be your next fight?

Verno Phillips:  It should be.  He’s been doing this for a long time.  Let him give me a shot.  I guarantee I’d beat him.  I’d show the world why I am the best.

BoxingTalk:  With Floyd Mayweagther’s retirement, Oscar has said he is fighting one more time.  What do you think it will take to get Oscar to make you his last fight?

Verno Phillips:  I can run my mouth and say things like how he likes to wear many skirts, but I’m not like that.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years.  Most fighters would be done by now.

BoxingTalk:  Do you think Oscar will duck you claiming there’s bigger fights to be made for him?

Verno Phillips:  His last fight was with Steve Forbes.  What was he, a featherweight champion, a lightweight champion.  Steve was a punching bag for him.  I’d be no punching bag for him.

BoxingTalk:  If not Oscar, then who is on your radar for your next bout?

Verno Phillips:  Anyone who gets in the ring with me this year is going to get it.  I have to prove the boxing scene that I’m the best.  Any fighter will have a bad night with me.  Take me lightly, and I’ll end their career.

BoxingTalk:  Any closing thoughts?

Verno Phillips:  Sergio Mora and any of the top five, tell your promoters to sign the contract and I’ll end you career.  People who know my career know what I do when I get in the ring.



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