Veit and Brewer make weight


Veit and Brewer make weight

Riesa, Germany - Mario Veit and Charles Brewer beat the scales at Friday's weigh-in for their super middleweight bout to be held on Saturday at Erdgas Arena in Riesa, Germany.  The weigh-in was held at Hotel Mercure of Riesa, where Veit, 44-1 (22 KOs), weighed in at 167.1 while Brewer, 40-9 (28 KOs), tipped the beam at 1699.9.  At stake in the bout will be the WBO interim belt, which belongs to Veit (rated #17 by Boxingtalk).  Brewer (Boxingtalk #12) is a former IBF champion who lost two split decisions in Germany, both to Sven Ottke.


WBO Super Middleweight Interim Championship
Mario Veit (75,8 kg)  vs. Charles Brewer (75,5 kg)

European Super Welterweight Championship
Sergej Dzindziruk (69,5 kg) vs. Hussein Bayram (69,8 kg)

Alexander Dimitrenko (111 kg) vs. Ross Puritty (117,8 kg)

WIBF Int. Bantamweight Championship
Alesia Graf (52,7 kg) vs. Agnes Adongo (53,1 kg)

Michel Trabant (66,6 kg) vs. Alban Mothie

Super Middleweight
Karoly Balzsay (76,2 kg) vs. Mounir Sahli (76,2 kg)