Vassiliy Jirov returns in July tune-up, ready for Toney rematch

By G. Leon


Vassiliy Jirov returns in July tune-up, ready for Toney rematch

GL:  It's been a while since we've had you on BoxingTalk.  What's the latest and greatest with you?  What are you doing? "I'm training very hard, and I feel good.  I'm getting ready for a fight on July 18th in North Dakota."

GL:  Who will the opponent be, do you know yet?

VJ:  I don't know who the opponent is yet.  They told me he'll be there.

GL:  Will you be fighting at cruiserweight?

VJ:  Yes.

GL:  How do you feel about that move down in weight?  Do you feel that this is where you belong?

VJ:  I think it's a good weight for me.  I feel good, I'll be fighting at my best.  What matters is me making a big move, and becoming the champ again.

GL:  As much as you want to fight  at the cruiserweight, and become champ again, I know you also want to fight James Toney again.  If you could fight James Toney again at heavyweight, would that be something you'd want to do?

VJ:  Yes, of course I'd like to do it. 

GL:  That fight was being discussed before, and it never happened.  Why didn't that fight happen?  What happened?

VJ:  I don't know, it probably wasn't the right time.

GL:  Dan Goossen told me he was talking to your manager, German Titov, about that fight.  Do you plan on fighting James Toney later this year?  Is that something we can expect? 

VJ:  If it's the right time, and the money is right, then of course we'd make the fight happen.

GL:  James Toney believes he ruined you in the first fight, and you haven't been the same since.  Tell us why you think the rematch would be different?

VJ:  I'm laughing at James Toney.  He's ruined himself, look at him, he's overweight.  I'm still the same way, I feel good. 

GL:  Why will the rematch be different?

VJ:  Because I'm better.

GL:  You're better now?

VJ:  I'm better, smarter, and better looking. 

GL:  Do you think that James Toney is not the same fighter that he was when you two fought the first time?

VJ:  I believe it.  I don't think he's the same fighter. 

GL:  Basically, your game plan is to take this tune up fight in July.  After that you plan on fighting James Toney at heavyweight.  If you can't fight James Toney at heavyweight, you're going to fight one of the cruiserweight champions. 

VJ:  Yes, that's it.

GL:  You're my favorite Russian, but you don't want to talk.  You've got to give me something here.

VJ:  I'm telling you, but I can't speak that well in English.  My vocabulary is not very good in English.

GL:  Your vocabulary is not very good in English.  I'll teach you English, and you teach me Russian.  So this way when I talk to anybody who is Russian, I'll be cool.  Give me some closing thoughts for the fans.

VJ:   Enjoy the game, and come see the upcoming fight.


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