Boxingtalk's Michael Campbell conducted this informative one on one interview with world class trainer Ronnie Shields. You don't want to miss what Shields had to say about Juan Diaz and the other young talents he plans on guiding to world titles.'s Michael Campbell received exclusive access to former IBF junior middleweight champ Kassim Ouma's training camp in Texas. We were able to obtain over 35 minutes of Ouma sparring with junior middleweight J.C. Candelo that you don't want to miss. ONLY ON BOXINGTALK! IT'S GREAT TO BE A MEMBER

Undefeated WBA lightweight champion Juan "The Baby Bull" Diaz last stepped into the ring on July 16, 2005. Now, for the first time ever Boxingtalk members get to check out Diaz's triumphant performance over Arthur Cruz at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, Louisiana. ONLY on Boxingtalk! It's GREAT to be a member! members don't want to miss undefeated 2004 Olympian Vanes Matirosyan's bout with Fernando Vela. The bout took place on August 26, 2005 at the D & I Colonial Ballroom in Houston, Texas. Matirosyan was 2-0 at the time and shows why he's one of the promising young stars in boxing. ONLY on Boxingtalk!

Junior middleweight J.C. Candelo had a short, but explicit message to Verno "The Dog and Robe Snatcher" Phillips. After looking directly into Boxingtalk's camera and telling all promoters he'd fight Vernon for $2000.00, Candelo takes his challenge to Phillips one step further and you're going to be shocked when you see what the outspoken Columbian had to say.

Several weeks ago, Ishe Smith told Boxingtalk he was going to provide us some footage of his sparring session with Contender finalist Peter Manfredo Jr. Unlike some other boxers who say they're going to send tapes but never do, Smith quickly delivered the footage to Boxingtalk headquarters and now we're delivering the footage to you. Did Smith take Manfredo to school? Does Scott Pemberton now have the blue-print on how to best Manfredo? You be the judge! ONLY on Boxingtalk! It's GREAT to be a member! OVER 30 MINUTES OF SPARRING!

Boxingtalk's unrivaled coverage of undefeated 2004 Olympian Jason Estrada continues as we are proud to present this exclusive promotional video that showcases the big man's rare talents. ONLY on Boxingtalk!